Amid the impact of COVID-19, Pelham's community spirit remains strong. To celebrate and encourage this sense of community, look for #PelhamUNITES in the community and online. Join in with responsible, physically distanced ways to celebrate the Town and its citizens, as we work together to flatten the curve. 

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  Senior Centre Without Walls #PelhamUNITES
In partnership with the Older Adult Centres’ Association of Ontario and sponsored by the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, Recreation Culture and Wellness Department and the Pelham Senior’s Advisory Committee has rolled out a Seniors’ Centre Without Walls. 

What is a Seniors’ Centre Without Walls
1. It’s a Seniors’ Centre from the comfort of home. 
2. It’s a free telephone program with group activities and presentations (1/2 hour to 1 hour in length)
3. It can include health related information, brain stimulating activities, conversations and connections with peers.

What are the benefits
1. Creates friendships from the comfort of home
2. Removes barriers – relieves isolation and loneliness
3. All you need is a phone – there is no video component.

To register, please call 905-892-2607 x329 or email jcook@pelham.ca

On the day and time of a chosen program, you can use the following instructions to connect: 
1) Dial 1-866-279-1594
2) Enter the 6-digit passcode 704576 then press #
3) Record your first name or just stay on the line then press #
Not working? Dial *0 to speak to the operator

You are invited to participate in Senior Centre Without Walls FREE at home programming. This program is open to all and begins in May 2020. Pre-registration is required. 

To register, please call 905-892-2607 x329 or email jcook@pelham.ca. Pre-registration is required.

On the day and time of a chosen program, you can use the following instructions to connect: 
1) Dial 1-866-279-1594
2) Enter the 6-digit passcode 704576 then press #
3) Record your first name or just stay on the line then press #
Not working? Dial *0 to speak to the operator



Mindfulness: Take part in a guided meditation to help you focus on the present and be in the moment. 

Table Topics: Join in on the conversation! We have a collection of fun, unique and entertaining questions to start interesting and memorable conversations! 

Discussion Group: Join in on a new discussion each session, selected by participants. Share your ideas and experiences while learning new perspectives from each other.

Fun Facts: Explore and discover new and unusual facts on topics such as geography, history, interesting people and much more. Listen, learn and share! 

Good News!: Good news is so important to share to brighten spirits! Come share some good news, or listen to positive news from others within your community!

Mind and Memory Power with Eleanor Stasiw: Join Eleanor from 'Activate Well-Being with Eleanor Stasiw' in discussing topics such as brain power, mind and memory, keeping a healthy brain, and more. Ask questions, join in on the conversation and learn something new! 

Party Line Conversation Circles: Stay connected with others within the community by joining the weekly Party Line conversation Circle! This is all about socializing with others and sharing your thoughts on weekly themes. June 3 - What is Charity?; June 10 - Comfort Food; June 17 - With My Own Two Hands; June 24 - Wellness and Well-being.

Andrew Carnegie Man of Steel and Heart of Gold: 
Two sides of the same coin. Andrew Carnegie was a ruthless business owner as well as one of the first large scale philanthropists in the world. Join Katelynn Best , the Archive & Collection Co-ordinator at the Welland Museum as they prep for the 100-year anniversary of Welland's Carnegie building.

Pelham Cares & The Community: Learn about the history of Pelham Cares and how this organization helps to support the community! This session will also discuss what precautions and measures are being taken to help protect the community and volunteers following COVID-19.

View the Whole Senior Centre Without Walls Pamphlet:

June Calendar

Code of Conduct: 
To ensure a safe and welcoming space, all participants, facilitators and guest presenters must follow our Code of Conduct: To repect each other, by using appropriate subject matters and trying not to interrupt others. To allow the facilitator and guest speakers to direct the group. Allow everyone to contribute by not dominating the conversations. Help to create an inclusive environment that honours people of all cultures, faiths, genders, sexual orientation, abilities and life experiences.


#PelhamUNITES Colouring Pages

Need something new to participate in? How about colouring these #PelhamUNITES colouring pages and then sharing them on social media with the hashtag #PelhamUNITES.  




#PelhamUNITES Word Search

As the weather gets warmer, how about taking this word search outside and try to find all these words to remember to stay home, stay safe and #FlattenTheCurve. Once you've found all the words, post to social media and use the hashtag #PelhamUNITES.

#PelhamUNITES Rocks

Find a couple rocks to paint and when you share on social media tag the @TownofPelham and #PelhamUNITES to show that we are all in this together. 


Recreation & Parks Month (June)

June is Recreation and Park Month (JRPM) is a movement that promotes the benefits of recreation and parks for physical, social, and environmental health. Communities across Ontario have embraced JRPM as a way to promote local programs and events, parks and facilities that are available for all citizens to enjoy. 

Access to park and recreation is a fundamental human need that helps foster personal health, strong communities, and social inclusion. JRPM celebrates Ontario’s spectacular parks and recreation services and raises awareness for the role they play as a pathway to individual, community, and environmental well-being.

The Town of Pelham has created the calendar below with activities to complete daily that are within the regulations set out by Public Health. Feel free to print this calendar out and complete as many as the activities as you can! If you post on social media, please tag @TownofPelham and use the hashtag #JRPM2020

Complete the Bingo board and the activity guide and get started! To help you out, please see the activity guide with ideas on how to fulfill each category for different age groups. 

St. Johns Ambulance Virtual 5K - Join the PelhamUNITES team!
St. John Ambulance is hosting a Virtual 5K for 2020 so that we can continue to enable Canadians to put their health and safety first, while generating much needed support for our community programs.
Run or walk with us from anywhere between June 27th and July 1st with our RUN for SJA Canada Day 5K Virtual Race!
Register by June 19 to receive a T-shirt, all entrants receive a race bib, and medal! Fee applies.
There is also a FREE - 1K Kids Fun Run!
Join the PelhamUNITES team and help support the essential services of St. John Ambulance Community Services. 
Register here - Use password: var46yav 
5K Virtual Race.

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