Photos courtesty of Sarah Ferguson, Niagara This Week/TorStar

Inspired by Emily Trudeau:

Farm accidents can occur in the most remote locations, making it difficult for first responders to easily locate the situation.We have found that there is a flaw in the system – not all rural property entrances have signage.In the event of an emergency, no one should have to wait helplessly for first responders to find them.Time is everything, and a civic address at the entrance to a vacant farm field could make all the difference.

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Download an application here.

For more information, please contact:
Sylvia Zappitelli, administrative assistant
Fire Services
905-892-2607 x201




  • Create a unified system for acquiring 911 signs across all municipalities
  • Persuade municipalities to offer the signs as a service to their community
  • Encourage rural landowners to use the service
  • Establish a partnership with local agribusinesses who will support the program
  • Develop resources to teach property owners how to contact emergency services efficiently
  • Promote the program through digital, print, and social media

Mission Statement:

To bring ideas, resources and community partners together to improve emergency services in our rural communities.

How to acquire a sign for your property:

Please contact the municipality where the property is located and ask for a civic address for the entrance to that property.

Please note:

Each municipality has their own process and fee associated with obtaining a civic address. It’s to the discretion of each individual municipality which entrances meet code requirements and will therefore be permitted to have a civic address attached to it. We promote that all farm field entrances be maintained so that should there be an incident, emergency vehicles are able to use the entrance. Furthermore, signs should be visible from all directions, so that first responders are able to clearly identify the number.

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