What makes life in Pelham great? Well, for starters, it's an active community, full of opportunities for all ages to learn, play, and get moving!

Our Life in Pelham Guide is more than just a menu of program dates, times, and fees (thought you'll find that too). Our focus with this guide is to tell the stories of Pelham from the people who know it best: our residents.

Featured throughout the Life in Pelham Guide you'll see familiar names and faces recounting the stories that you, too, likely have. Focused on storytelling, the guide connects us all in one way or another. 

A small community is often a close knit community, and when you read the pages of the Life in Pelham Guide we hope you'll feel that much closer to your neighbours, service clubs, and town hall.

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 Special note on the 2020 spring/summer Life in Pelham Guide

We’re excited to share the 2020 spring/summer Life in Pelham Guide with you. 

Once again, the guide is filled with information and stories from and by the community. It’s one of the things we love most about this guide: a community voice. Unfortunately, this spring/summer, however, Pelham is faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The pandemic has caused the cancellation and closure of programs and facilities for the foreseeable future. When the guide was completed and printed, we had not yet reached the state of closure and isolation the community is in now. 

Some of the information in the guide is no longer accurate. Dates, events, and programs may have been changed or cancelled. Registration may be delayed. We appreciate your understanding. However, there is also information in the guide that is still very much relevant, regardless of closures or changes: gypsy moth home control methods, tick prevention, important contacts, where to get Town news, and more. 

The best way to stay informed about changes to programming or events is through the Town’s website: www.pelham.ca 

When programs come back online, we’ll make sure to spread the word digitally and in print so that we reach as broad an audience as possible.

In the meantime, enjoy the guide when it arrives. We hope this guide gives you something to read while you’re at home, as well as an opportunity to review the many local businesses who have advertised in the guide; some of which are still operating. 

Hard copies will be available in Town facilities when they reopen to the public.


If you have any questions, please contact: 

Marc MacDonald

Communications and Public Relations Specialist


community guide cover
2020 spring/summer Life in Pelham Guide

Featured in this guide:

- Seniors VIP
- Jazz up the park
- Gypsy Moth home control
- Room rentals
- Tick prevention
- And much, much more!

guide cover with lamp post lit up at night
2019/2020 fall/winter Life in Pelham Guide

Featured in this guide:

- Crossing guards/back to school
- Christmas in Pelham
- Hiking and trails and in Pelham
- Winter operations
- Theatre Series at the MCC
- And much, much more! 

guide cover with pelham arches lit up at dusk
2019 spring/summer Life in Pelham Guide

Featured in this guide:

- Adult and seniors programming
- Thursday Night Experience
- Pelham Raiders return home
- Love My Hood
- Getting Town news
- And much, much more

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