What makes life in Pelham great? Well, for starters, it's an active community, full of opportunities for all ages to learn, play, and get moving!

he Town of Pelham’s bi-annual Life in Pelham Guide — commonly known as the community guide — will be offered in 2021 as a series of special inserts in the Voice of Pelham throughout the year and uploaded to this page.

The change in presentation and distribution stems from the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on programs, events, and key dates. With continuously changing rules and regulations, producing a guide that could result in irrelevant information within a day after being printed; this outcome does not align with the Town’s communications goals.

Click the cover of the guides to learn more and view full copies.

march LIP cover
Life in Pelham - Issue 1 - 2021

Featured in Issue 1:

- MCC reopens under Red-Control stage
- Second Dwelling Units
- Art Your Service Seniors Programming
- Hoppin' Easter in Pelham
- Pelham Street Reconstruction

no guide due to covid 19
Fall 2020/Winter 2020

Due to COVID-19 the Town of Pelham has opted not to publish a community guide for the fall/winter of 2020/2021. Updates and announcements to program can be found on the website, social media, and local newspaper advertising.

community guide cover
2020 spring/summer Life in Pelham Guide

Featured in this guide:

- Seniors VIP
- Jazz up the park
- Gypsy Moth home control
- Room rentals
- Tick prevention
- And much, much more!

guide cover with lamp post lit up at night
Fall 2019/Winter 2020 Life in Pelham Guide

Featured in this guide:

- Crossing guards/back to school
- Christmas in Pelham
- Hiking and trails and in Pelham
- Winter operations
- Theatre Series at the MCC
- And much, much more! 

guide cover with pelham arches lit up at dusk
2019 spring/summer Life in Pelham Guide

Featured in this guide:

- Adult and seniors programming
- Thursday Night Experience
- Pelham Raiders return home
- Love My Hood
- Getting Town news
- And much, much more

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