What is a Municipal Drain?

Physically, a municipal drain is simply a drainage system. Most municipal drains are either ditches or closed systems such as pipes or tiles buried in the ground. They can also include structures such as dykes or berms, pumping stations, buffer strips, grassed waterways, storm water detention ponds, culverts and bridges. Even some creeks and small rivers are now considered to be municipal drains. Municipal drains are primarily located in rural agricultural areas of the province.

 Municipal Drainage Open House

The Town is hosting four Open Houses over two days in March to inform property owners of the new assessment schedules as follows:


Tuesday, March 29, 2022 between 2-4 pm and 5:30-7:30 pm




Wednesday, March 30, 2022 between 2-4 pm and 5:30-7:30 pm


Location: Accursi Room at the Meridian Community Centre,

100 Meridian Way, Fonthill


Representatives from K. Smart Associates Limited will be in attendance at the Open Houses to provide information to property owners on the assessment schedules, answer questions and receive input.  Please attend one of the Open House sessions to obtain information regarding update to the assessment schedules to understand how it may affect you.  


If you are not able to attend an Open House, you may contact the Drainage Superintendent, full contact details are included below.

Big Creek Municipal Drain System

Town of Pelham Council appointed K. Smart Associates Limited to update the drainage assessment schedules for the Big Creek Municipal Drain System.  The update to the Big Creek Municipal Drain System is being done in accordance with Section 76 of the Drainage Act

The assessment schedules are in need of being updated to reflect changes that have occurred to properties over the years from consent and development approvals.  The updated assessment schedules now reflect the current land area of individual properties that benefit from the Big Creek Municipal Drain System.  Big Creek Municipal Drain System being the Big Creek Drain, Cyruss Nunn Drain, Disher Drain, Ridgeville Drain and Swayze Drain. 

As of March 2022,  no decision has been made by Council on the report to update the assessment schedules for the Big Creek Municipal Drain System and one will be scheduled in the future.   

 Big Creek Drain System Reports

PDF versions of the full report, schedule of assessment, and drawings are available in the links below. 


Engineering Report for Big Creek Drain System


Big Creek Drain System Engineering Drawings


Schedule of Assessments for Big Creek Drain


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