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PLEASE NOTE: Beginning on September 16, 2019, Pelham Transit will no longer service the Metler/Balfour stop. Residents of North Pelham who are affected by this change are able to use Pelham Transit's Dial-a-Ride Service. Download the Revised Fall 2019 Transit Schedule: HERE

 Fall 2019 Transit Schedules are now available at Town Hall, the Meridian Community Centre, on  Pelham Transit and other locations within Pelham. 

Pelham Transit offers regular transit, specialized transit, information on Niagara Specialized Transit, and Dial a Ride service. 


Transit Fare

$3 per ride (one way)
$80/month pass (unlimited rides)
Pack of transit tickets: 11 for $30. 
Riders would need a Niagara Region Transit Transfer pay Fare ($3.00) + $3.00

Children under 5 ride FREE.
Seniors attending Town events or programs ride FREE.

Tickets can be purchased at Town Hall or the Meridian Community Centre. 


Free Saturdays with Pelham Transit

Thanks to our generous community sponsors, Pelham Transit is excited to introduce the new Free Transit Saturday program! Pelham Transit will operate free-of-charge for ALL riders each and every Saturday. 

Courtesy of our generous sponsors: James L. Pedlar Funeral Home, PenFinancial, The Community of Lookout Ridge, Pelham SummerfestPelham Thursday Night Experience and Nature's Corner.

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Pelham Transit operates throughout Pelham, from Fenwick through Ridgeville, and Fonthill, with stops in Welland at the Seaway Mall and Niagara College.

View the current schedule

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How to read a schedule

We get that reading the schedule can be a bit confusing, so we've helped you out by providing this handy document. Hopefully it helps ease the pain!

How to read a schedule
How to use Dial-a-Ride
How to use Specialized Transit

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Transit App

Download the Transit App on any iOS or Android device you can view the Pelham Transit Schedule as well as get alerts and updates on Pelham Transit! 
Download the App and Follow Pelham Transit (Bus 800/801).

Find more information about the TRANSIT APP HERE.

Specialized Transit


Call 905-892-2607 ext. 347

Hours of Operation:
This service runs Monday through Sunday (excluding holidays)

Transit riders pay a $3.00 exact fare (one-way) to the transit provider.
Transit tickets are available 11 for $30.00 at Town Hall (20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill, ON) or the Meridian Community Centre (100 Meridian Way) 

 **All rides must be pre-booked 48 hours in advance**

Applications for Specialized Transit are available HERE or at the Meridian Community Centre

Accessibility is important, for everyone. Pelham Transit's Specialized Accessible Transit is a service for persons who have disabilities and are unable to board regular transit. This service provides a 'door-to-door' service to accommodate riders. All users must be pre-registered. Specialized Transit travels within Pelham and to the Seaway Mall & Niagara College. 

 An "Application for Transportation" form must be completed by applicant and their medical practitioner and then submitted to Pelham Transit. All applications will be reviewed in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and applicants will be notified of their eligibility within 14 days of application.

 Transit riders who are residents of Pelham

  • Transit riders unable to board Pelham Transit's conventional accessible vehicles, transit riders unable to meet criteria for the use of Pelham Transit's accessible conventional buses or transit riders unable to walk 175 mters (600 feet +/-) are eligible for Accessible Specialized Transit. 
  • Transit riders with permanent disabilities are eligible for permanent registration. Transit riders may also register on a temporary basis for a specific period of time to accommodate temporary disabilities due to illness or injury, or during a period of rehabilitation. 

Pelham Transit assumes no responsibility for the scheduling of subsidized Specialized Accessible Transit trips. Transit riders requiring Specialized Accessible Transit are advised to book their trips well in advance to ensure availability, particularly at peak travel periods or when adverse weather conditions are anticipated. 

Must book trip 48 hours in advance by calling direct line: 905-892-2607 ext.347

Niagara Specialized Transit

Niagara Specialized Transit provides transportation from one municipality to another municipality to eligible riders.

  • A rider may be accompanied by a companion, personal care attendant and/or service animal.
  • Bookings must be done 2 business days prior to your trip.
  • Niagara Specialized Transit operates year-round. Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday: Closed

 Trips can be for: medical appointments, employment, or educational purposes.

 For more information, contact Niagara Specialized Transit at 905-680-2052 and  1-888-447-5202 or visit  niagararegion.ca/transit/nst/


Request a ride within Pelham or to the Seaway Mall/Niagara College.
Service is offered Monday to Saturday between 5:30pm-10:00pm*NEW EARLIER TIME*
Or Sunday between 9:00am-12:00pm

North Pelham pick-ups/drop offs are accepted Monday through Saturday 7am-10pm due to limited Conventional service to that area.

All Rides must be booked 48 hours in advance! 

These rides are available to ANYONE! Offered on a first come, first serve basis.
To Book a Ride call, 905-892-2607 ext. 347


Thanks to our generous community sponsors. Find out how you can become a transit sponsor.

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