Parking regulations

The Town of Pelham conducts a pro-active approach to parking enforcement to address parking issues.
A municipal law enforcement officer is actively on duty within the Town, which may include Saturdays and Sundays. All residents are asked to follow the rules of parking signs and the regulations set forth by the Town.

The Town, at various times of year, has special events parking and winter parking regulations.

Parking on any street in the Town of Pelham during the winter season is not permitted at any time during plowing, sanding or salting operations. Parking on the street in any way to interfere with a winter maintenance operation will result in a parking ticket.

Parking Tickets

If you receive a parking ticket you can pay your ticket at Town Hall or mail the payment (cheque only) in the envelope included with the infraction notice. You have 15 days from the date of the infraction to make payment. Online payment is now available. Please visit: for more information or to make payment.

You may challenge your parking infraction by asking for a review by a screening officer. All instructions are on the rear of the ticket or you may contact Sarah Leach in the clerks department at 905-892-2607 x322 or to request a screening review.

Stopping, standing or parking a vehicle are prohibited in certain circumstances where signs are not required to be posted. Typical examples of restrictions you are expected to know as a driver are shown below:

Do not stop, stand or park a vehicle

  • Facing the wrong way or against the direction of traffic flow
  • On the roadway side of any stopped, standing or parked vehicle (no double parking, stopping or standing)
  • On or partly on or over a sidewalk
  • Within an intersection or crosswalk
  • On any outer boulevard
  • During the winter season at anytime during plowing, sanding or salting operations

Do not park a vehicle

  • Within 10m (33ft) of an intersection
  • Within 3m (10ft) on a fire hydrant
  • On an inner boulevard
  • In front of or within 1.5m (5ft) of a laneway or driveway or a curb-cut
  • On either side of a roadway so as to obstruct a vehicle in the use of any laneway or driveway
  • For the purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale or lease
  • For the purpose of servicing or repairing a vehicle except for emergency

Stopping, Standing, Parking Prohibited - With Signs

Many stopping, standing and parking prohibitions are required to have signs posted in accordance with the by-law and Highway Traffic Act. The Town uses the "universal" signs for all such restrictions such as:

  • No stopping, standing or parking areas designated in the by-law
  • No stopping, standing or parking within 30m (98ft) of a crosswalk
  • No stopping, standing or parking in areas within certain time limits

Each sign should be read carefully before leaving your vehicle. Take special note of any time restrictions and arrows which indicate the direction in which actual by-laws and applicable regulations for further information. Copies of the Town's parking by-laws are available for review in Town Hall, at the two libraries and in the Community Policing Storefront office.



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