The Town of Pelham's Zoning Bylaw 1136 (1987) contains detailed information on what kind of land use and physical structures are allowed on each property in the town. The details includes items such as the height of buildings, number of metres a building must be set back from the street, and landscaping requirements, etc.

The Zoning Bylaw is legally enforceable. Land uses that do not meet the bylaw requirements are not allowed without an amendment or variance to the bylaw.

The Town of Pelham is continuing to prepare a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law. Click to view additional information and upcoming public information sessions here.  

The Zoning By-law is the Town’s primary tool to regulate the use of all land in the Town; it divides land into various zone categories (i.e. residential, commercial), and establishes what uses are permitted and where buildings can be located on a property. The new Zoning By-law is a hybrid model using contextual zoning primarily in the greenfield areas of the Town and more conventional zoning in the built-up, rural and agricultural areas of the Town. This hybrid model will permit more flexibility, and better represents current development trends and diversity of uses in the Town.

Learn more and stay up to date on open houses and information about the project here. 

Zoning Maps 

Overall Zoning Map - Schedule A
 Schedule A    -  Overall
North Pelham - Schedule A1
 Schedule A1  -  North Pelham
Fenwick - Schedule A2
 Schedule A2  -  Fenwick
Ridgeville - Schedule A3
 Schedule A3  -  Ridgeville
Rural - Schedule A4
Schedule A4  -  Rural
Fonthill and East Fonthill - Schedule A5
 Schedule A5  -  Fonthill & East Fonthill
Airport and Surrounding Area - Schedule A6
 Schedule A6  -  Airport & Surrounding Area

Zoning bylaw

 Application and Interpretations

1. Application and Interpretations

 Administration and Enforcement


2. Administration and Enforcement


3. Zones

 Schedules to the By-law

4. Schedules to the By-law


5. Definitions

 General Provisions

6. General Provisions

Agricultural A 

7. Agricultural A

Special Rural SR 

8. Special Rural SR

 Residential Village 1 RV1

9. Residential Village 1 RV1

 Residential Village 2 RV2

10. Residential Village 2 RV2

 Residential Multiple Village 1 RMV1

11. Residential Multiple Village 1 RMV1

 Residential Multiple Village 2 RMV2

12. Residential Multiple Village 2 RMV2

 Residential 1 R1

13. Residential 1 R1

 Residential 2 R2

14. Residential 2 R2

 Residential 3 R3

15. Residential 3 R3

 Residential Multiple 1 RM1

16. Residential Multiple 1 RM1

 Residential Multiple 2 RM2

17. Residential Multiple 2 RM2

 Residential Development RD

18. Residential Development RD

 Neighbourhood Commercial NC

19. Neighbourhood Commercial NC

 General Commercial GC

20. General Commercial GC

 Highway Commercial HC

20.A Highway Commercial HC

 Commercial Rural CR

21. Commercial Rural CR

Light Industrial M1 

22. Light Industrial M1

 General Industrial M2

23. General Industrial M2

 Extractive Industrial M3

24. Extractive Industrial M3

Institutional I 

25. Institutional I

Open Spaces OS 

26. Open Space OS

 Public P

27. Public P

 Hazard H

28. Hazard H                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Airport AR


29. Airport AR 


Zone Exceptions


30. Zone Exceptions

Schedule B MDS Formula Calculations

 MDS Formula One
 MDS Formula One
 MDS Formula Two

 MDS Formula Two

 MDS Formula Two (continued)

 Table 1 and 2
 Table 1 and Table 2
 Table 3
 Table 3
 Table 4
 Table 4
 Table 5
 Table 5
 Table 6
 Table 6
Table 7
Table 7

 Schedule C

Schedule C:  Parking Geometric Design Standard
 Geometric Design Standard for Parking

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