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100 Meridian Way, Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6
OPEN Monday-Sunday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Information Desk: 905-732-7872

Facilities Rental Associate: 905-892-2607 x360

Closed on holidays. 

Recreational programming and facility rentals will be gradually reintroduced this fall. Keep an eye on the website and the Town's social media pages for updates and announcements. Alternatively, you can call 905-892-2607 x347. 

Entering the Meridian Community Centre for ice rentals – what you need to know

As part of the re-opening of facilities, the Town of Pelham has developed new rules and regulations that all members of the public and facility users must abide by. These rules and regulations have been developed in consultation with the Ontario Recreation Facilities Association’s Re-Entering and Re-Opening Guiding Principles and Best Practices, with the safety of facility staff and the public in mind. 

All participants, instructors, and parents intending to use the facility must familiarize themselves with these rules and regulations prior to entering the facility. 

Self-screening of all patrons is mandatory. If you have any of the following symptoms, remain home or DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING and contact Public Health or your Doctor.  

  • Fever/chills 
  • New cough or a cough that is getting worse  
  • Difficulty breathing  
  • Shortness of breath (even when sitting or walking regularly) Sore throat  
  • A runny or congested nose (not allergies)  
  • Unusual level of fatigue  
  • Unusual headache 
  • Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite  
  • Feeling unwell for an unknown reason   

Please remember: 

  1. A roster (first and last name) of all participants must be provided at least one day in advance of the rental in order to expedite entry.  Please submit this to Stephanie Yole,
  2. Arrive at the facility no earlier than 15 minutes prior to scheduled rental time. Goalies should enter first to allow them more time to dress. Participants should vacate the facility 10 minutes after the rental ends.
  3. Where a participant requires assistance donning skates, one parent may assist and then exit the building immediately.
  4. Dressing room and shower facilities will be closed until further notice. Skaters are required to arrive with as much equipment already on as possible. Chairs will be provided in designated spaces for users to doff and don skates. Participants are to remain seated until summoned to the ice.
  5. Per the attached drawing, if you have been designated to the “A” side, please have players use the “A” side gate to enter and exit the ice surface.  Likewise, if you have been designated to the “B” side, please use the “B” gate to enter and exit the ice surface.

The Meridian Community Centre is a place for residents of all ages to gather and enjoy a wide variety of recreational, social, health, and community activities for generations to come. Home to the Jr. B Pelham Panthers, Southern Tier AAA Admirals, Pelham Raiders Lacrosse, Niagara Centre Skating Club, Pelham Minor Hockey Association, and the Pelham Panthers Basketball Association, the MCC is home to our champions. It is also a recognized Seniors Active Living Centre and home to Active Living Lounge for those 55+.

The stunning 143,000 square foot facility includes adaptable and multi-purpose community rooms, a large activity centre with two full courts, two NHL-sized arenas, an indoor walking/running track, concession areas, change rooms & washrooms, and an atrium/lobby area. To rent ice, the gym, community rooms, or any other spaces in the Meridian Community Centre, please click the "Book a facility" tab.

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Arena Rentals Cost
Ice Time - per hour (50 mins)  
   Prime Time- Weekdays 4 p.m. - midnight and weekends $207.00
   Prime Time - Youth (PMHA and PFSC)


Non-Prime Time – Weekdays prior to 4pm

Youth $87.00 - Adult $114.00

Prime Time Last Minute Ice (less than 24hrs)


Summer Ice (April 15 – August 15) – Non Prime Time


Summer Ice (April 15 – August 15) – Prime Time 

$148.00 - youth

$179.00 - adult

Click here for the full user fees and charges for ice rentals, gym rentals, & more.

Programming at the MCC

Adult and 55+ programming

Arena & skating programs




The MCC features:

 Facilities, Rooms, and ice available for rental

 The Meridian Community Centre has two NHL-sized ice surfaces, the Accipiter Arena and the Duliban Insurance Arena. Both arenas are multi-functional for hockey, home and garden shows, craft shows, concerts, trade shows, graduation ceremonies, cadet inspections, and more. Both rinks are available to rent. Please view our rental bookings to check pricing, availability, or to speak with someone about booking a space.

There are also ample advertising opportunities within the MCC arenas.


Two full size gyms offer endless opportunities.


With the ability to segment the gym into as many as four separate areas, volleyball, pickleball, badminton, fitness classes, martial arts, and dance instruction, and more all have a potential home in the gyms.

 Walking/Running track

The walking track is currently closed due to COVID-19. Please monitor this page reguarly for updates.


The walking/running track at the Meridian Community Centre spans the perimeter of the Accipiter Arena. The two-lane track offers the opportunity for year-round exercise. The track surface is heated during ice season in the arena.

Track Schedule **

Schedule subject to change. Please be respectful of varying activity and adhere to track rules to ensure the safety of all users.

FREE PUBLIC USE (no charge)


Date Time
Monday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Tuesday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Wednesday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Thursday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Friday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Sunday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Lane Distance:

7.5 laps around the track = 1.6 km or 1 mile

Track Rules:

  1. Non-marking athletic footwear is required. Street shoes are not permitted.
  2. Walk or jog in the posted direction of the track.
  3. Walkers should use the inside lane and joggers/runners should use the outside lane; single file only.
  4. In-line skates, Heely's, bikes and skateboards are not permitted.
  5. Strollers inside lane, single file only.
  6. Walking poles with tip covers are permitted in lane 1.
  7. Appropriate clothing, including shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.
  8. No equipment, including but not limited to sticks, balls, pucks, mats, weights, skipping ropes, etc. which might interfere with the safety of other participants.
  9. Drinks (other than water in a spill-proof container) and food are not allowed on the walking track.
  10. The track may be closed for public use during Town programming and paid events.
  11. No spitting.

*The Town of Pelham is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


The Meridian Community Centre is fully accessible. With two elevators, four accessible-reserved parking spaces, four family parking spaces, and accessible dressing rooms and washrooms (including universal washrooms).

Additionally, ALL women's AND men's washrooms are equipped with baby change stations.

 Community Rooms
The Dr. Gary and Mall Accursi community room (including special functions area)

Perfect for meetings, receptions, workshops, celebrations, and more, the Accursi Room offers nearly 4,000 square feet of useable space. With a dividing wall in the centre, the room can accommodate smaller groups when required.

Space Size: 51.5' x 36' (1854 sq ft) per side, or combined at 51.5' x 72' (3708 sq ft)

There are a number of set ups available to host your function, from small groups to a few hundred. Contact the facilities rental associate Shayla Morrisey at 905-892-2607 x360 to learn more.

Notes & Amenities:

• North end of multipurpose room, adjacent to Special Function Room 
• Coat Check access available for this space
• Access to Special Events Area 
• Access to Restrooms 
• Chairs and Tables
• Outlet: Power
• Telephone 
• Access to Vending Machines 
• Audio/Visual System
• Catering kitchen


Kinsmen community room

The Kinsmen community room is perfect for smaller gathering and get togethers. The Kinsmen room is a great multipurpose space that opens up to both sides of the upper level arena viewing areas and the walking track.

Space size: 29' x 23' (667 sq ft) per section or combined at 29' x 46' (1334 sq ft)

Notes & Amenities:

• Access from both arenas and walking track
• Folding partition to separate space between C & D
• Access to Restrooms 
• Chairs and Tables
• Outlet: Power
• Telephone 
• Access to Vending Machines
• Audio/Visual System

The Meridian Community Centre's concession (the Concession Lounge is located on the main floor near the north entrance) offers a regular menu as well as catering options. So if you're hungry, whether it be for popcorn and candy to daily specials such as fish and chips or pork schnitzel on a bun, you'll have access to the concessions all day long. The Concession Lounge is great option for a tasty meal any time of day.
Information Desk: 905-732-7872

Facilities Rental Associate: 905-892-2607 x360

General Info:

 Good Sports Excellence Pro Shop
The Good Sports Excellence Pro Shop will have what you need, from last minute game day laces to full skate sharpening service.

Located on the main floor near the entry to the Accipiter and Duliban Insurance Arenas, the pro shop has you covered in those moments of need - tape, equipment, and even home team swag.

Stop by and check it out today.








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