The Town of Pelham has numerous parks, playgrounds and trails for children, sports enthusiasts, hikers, runners and cyclists alike.

Use our interactive map to find parks, playgrounds, trails and cycling routes near you to explore!

Steve Bauer Trail-Map

Gerry Berkhout Trail Brochure

Weiland Heights & Lookout Park Update Website 

Centennial Park

 998 Church Street, Fenwick

Cherry Ridge Park

 90 Sandra Drive, Fenwick

Marlene Stewart Streit Park

 55 Park Lane, Fonthill 

Harold Black Park

 953 Haist Street, Fonthill

Hillcrest Park

 199 Pancake Lane, Fonthill

Hurleston Community Park

 23 Shorthill Place, Fonthill

North Pelham Park

 1780 Cream Street, Fenwick

Pelham Arena

 1120 Haist Street, Fonthill

Pelham Corners Park

 1077 Edward Avenue, Fonthill

Peace Park

 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill

Woodstream Park

 79 Spruceside Crescent, Fonthill

Rolling Meadows Park

 23 Meadowvale Drive, Fonthill

Harold S. Bradshaw Memorial Park

 520 Chantler Road, Fenwick



Gordon L. Klager Park

 103 Hurricane Road, Fonthill

E.C. Brown Conservation Area


Shorthills Provincial Park


St. Johns Conservation Area




To report an issue regarding playing fields, vandalism or playground areas, please contact the Public Works Department at 905-892-2607 x 332 .

Park Rules
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all parks
  • Restrooms are open to individual groups upon request or during scheduled events
  • The Town of Pelham dog control bylaw 97-2010 requires that any person who owns, controls or harbours a dog shall remove, forthwith, any feces (excrement) left by such dog on private or public property. Remember to stoop and scoop!
Steve Bauer Trail Maintenance

To report a problem with the maintenance of the Steve Bauer Trail, please contact the public works department at 905-892-2607 x332.

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