The Town of Pelham has numerous parks, playgrounds and trails for children, sports enthusiasts, hikers, runners and cyclists alike.


Municipal Parks Address

Centennial Park

 998 Church Street, Fenwick

Cherry Ridge Park

 90 Sandra Drive, Fenwick

Marlene Stewart Streit Park

 55 Park Lane, Fonthill 

Harold Black Park

 953 Haist Street, Fonthill

Hillcrest Park

 199 Pancake Lane, Fonthill

Hurleston Community Park

 23 Shorthill Place, Fonthill

Lookout Park

16 Marlene Stewart Drive, Fonthill

North Pelham Park

1780 Cream Street, Fenwick

Pelham Corners Park

 1077 Edward Avenue, Fonthill

Peace Park

 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill

Woodstream Park

 79 Spruceside Crescent, Fonthill

Rolling Meadows Park

 23 Meadowvale Drive, Fonthill

Harold S. Bradshaw Memorial Park

 520 Chantler Road, Fenwick

Weiland Heights Park

 55 Abbott Place, Fonthill

River Estates Park 

 30 Bergenstein Crescent, Fonthill


Use our interactive map to find
parks, playgrounds, trails and cycling routes near you to explore!

Private ParksAddress
Gordon L. Klager Park 103 Hurricane Road, Fonthill
E.C Brown Conservation Area 536 River Rd, Fenwick
St. John's Conservation Area 3101 Barron Rd, Fonthill
Short Hills Provincial Park Pelham Road, Thorold
Niagara Region Leash Free Dog Park 1671 Centre Street, Ridgeville


Pelham Trails

Steve Bauer Trail-Map

Gerry Berkhout Trail Brochure

John Nemy Trail

Cycling in the Town of Pelham

 Bench Dedication Program

The Bench Dedication Program allows individuals, families or groups to dedicate benches on or in Town’s trails or parks. Individuals, families or groups can choose an already existing bench location and dedicate the bench with a plaque or choose to install a new bench.


  • Bench at Town Parks or Trails- approx. $3000 
    Cost includes bench (6ft bench made from a powder-coated steel frame & composite seating material), small plaque, installation of concrete pad and ongoing maintenance.

Program Details:

The Town of Pelham is responsible for the installation of memorial benches. Specific selection and placement of benches are at the sole discretion of The Town of Pelham, but the general location will be determined in collaboration with the donor.

  • All donated benches become the property of the Town of Pelham and are subject to removal or relocation

There may be an extended lead time in order to acquire benches or in the installation process.

An email will be sent to the donor after installation is complete. A charitable tax receipt will be issued at the end of the donation year. 

Bench Dedication Application Form

*Watch for our expanded dedication program! Coming Soon!*

Parks & Trails Rules 
To report an issue regarding playing fields, vandalism or playground areas, please contact the Public Works Department at 905-892-2607 x 332

Pets; Our parks welcome you and your pet. Please keep dogs leashed and clean up after them. Children who play in our parks thank you!

Littering; is Illegal Garbage containers are located throughout the park for your use. Please dispose of any wrappers or leftovers properly.

Safety and Hazard Elimination; Playground equipment and park trees are checked frequently by Town Staff, however, if you notice playground equipment which may be hazardous or jeopardizes safety of children, and/or if you see dead, diseased, dying or dangerous trees on parks property, call 905-892-2607 ext. 332

Vandalism; Unlawful behaviour and vandalism will not be tolerated in our parks. All vandalism will be dealt with appropriately. To report vandalism to Town property, call 905-892-2607 ext. 332.

Vehicles/Alcohol; The Town does not permit motorized vehicles or alcohol in the parks except with the written permission of the Town.

No Smoking; Niagara Region Smoking By-law Applies to any property owned, leased or controlled by the Niagara Region or any area municipality, whether or not a “No Smoking” sign is posted. NO SMOKING: parks; playgrounds; sport fields; arenas; recreational centres; bus shelters; splash pads; pools; and 9-metres within an entrance/exit.


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