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Cannabis Complaints in Pelham
  • Concerns about public safety or illegal behaviour should be directed to Niagara Regional Police Services
  • Complaints about property standards should be directed to the Town's By-law Enforcement
  • Bylaw Enforcement Services requires that all complaints be filed with a Bylaw Service Request Form  or through the Public Service Request (PSR) system. Please follow the instructions on whichever form you choose.  Should you have any questions regarding this process please contact Craig Genesse, senior bylaw officer, or Sylvia Zappitelli, fire & bylaw services administrative assistant.
  • If you have a complaint for odour or light pollution, fill out a PSR and search Cannabis in the PSR form.

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 related complaints, suggestions, and info requests
Learn More about Cannabis in Canada

The Federal Government of Canada has dedicated resources that include additional information about:

  • process of legalization
  • health effects
  • addiction
  • medical use
  • industry licenses
  • travelling with cannabis
  • cannabis research

Visit the website here. 

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