The communications plan outlines the Town of Pelham's approach to corporate communications and community relations.

The focuses, objectives, and tactics established in this plan address comments and feedback from citizens regarding the methods and approaches the Town takes when communicating. Overall, the Town's goal is to enhance the way it communicates with the community.

The Town of Pelham serves over 17,000 residents with unique voices and needs. As the level of government that directly impacts residents the most, it is the Town's belief that open, two-way communication is the best approach to helping the community understand how the Town operates, creating the feeling of connectivity between the Town and its residents. The Town will focus on providing timely, accurate, clear, and proactive messaging, providing stakeholders with customer-focused, two-way communications and problem-solving approaches. We're here to make things easier for Pelham residents.

2019-2022 communications plan 

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