Pelham Fire Services maintains a complement of 86 volunteers: 36 firefighters at Station 1, 30 firefighters at Station 2, and 21 firefighters at Station 3 who volunteer their services to the community.
Station Address
Pelham Station 1   177 Highway #20 West Fonthill
Pelham Station 2   766 Welland Road Fenwick
Pelham Station 3 2355 Cream Street North Pelham

Office staff work out of Station 1 during the Town's office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Tel: 905-892-2607  
Fax: 905-892-8499

Fire Chief Bob Lymburner  ext. 203
Administrative Assistant Sylvia Zappitelli  ext. 201
Fire Prevention Officer Jason Longhurst ext. 202
Senior Bylaw Officer Craig Genesse ext. 204
Training Officer Greg Young ext. 200
Bylaw Officer Melissa Grodesky ext. 207

For areas outside our urban boundary which do not have hydrant coverage, Pelham Fire Services can supply your insurance provider with an accreditation letter demonstrating minimum accepted fire flows to dwellings can be met.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, download the form here. 

Fire Prevention



Did you know that 72% of fires in Ontario occur in homes?

Furthermore, did you know that the majority of these fires are caused by cooking activities, with electrical, heating, smoking, and appliances as additional causes?

Most home fires are easily preventable if you narrow your focus and take personal steps to increase our safety. One way to do this is by proactively going through each room in your home to find signs of danger and fix them.

The Pelham Fire Department encourages residents and their families to put their safety first at all times; have working smoke alarms on every level, carbon monoxide detectors outside sleeping areas, and eliminate fire hazards.

To create a Public Service Request for the Fire Department, please click on the PSR logo below.


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