Snowfall 2.5 cm 5 cm 5 cm+ Post storm Post storm clear
Forecasting Storm Begins Facility parking lots & sidewalks Plowing operations Sidewalks and cul de sacs Post storm patrols

Staff monitors multiple weather sources for a consistent forecast and plans operations.








Staff begins salting & sanding operations of arterial & collector roads, sharp corners & steep hills







Staff clears snow in front of all municipally owned and operated facilities.








 Staff starts plowing operations of roads in priority sequence:

  • arterial
  • collector
  • rural
  • residential





 Staff begins:

  • clearing municipal sidewalks
  • removing snow from commercial areas, if required
  • clearing cul-desacs, bullnoses & deadens



 Staff debriefs and tends to any service concerns, if necessary.










During a winter storm event, crews work around the clock to complete operations within prescribed service levels. Kindly help them out by remembering:

  • Don't park on streets from November 1, until March 31, especially when snow clearing operations are underway.
  • Pile snow from your driveway and walkways onto your property - not on the road.
  • Don't push snow into the travelled portion of the roadway.
  • Clear the sidewalk in front and beside your property as soon as you can after a snowfall and apply sand or salt when icy.
  • Keep children safe by preventing them from playing or building snow forts in the snow banks at the side of road.
  • Keep fire hydrants clear and accessible.
  • Help prevent street flooding and icing by clearing snow away from storm sewer catch basins near your property.
  • On garbage day, place garbage and recycling containers on your driveway near the edge of the road. Don't place your garbage or recycle boxes on top of snow banks.
  • If you need to drive during a winter storm plan your route accordingly. Roads with steep hills may be difficult to navigate during snow events.

For additional information, please contact the Public Works & Utilities Department at  905-892-2607 x332.

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