The Town of Pelham bylaw enforcement division educates and informs residents about the Town's rules and regulations, including parking.

Bylaw Enforcement receives complaints from the general public and directs them to the appropriate agency having jurisdiction or processes them in accordance with the Town's Complaint Policy. The more common bylaw matters include: barking dogs, businesses in residential areas, signs, dumping garbage, fences, derelict vehicles, weeds, and noise.

To fill out a request form, please download from the link below and submit to the bylaw deparment.

Bylaw Service Request Form




 To complete a Publice Service Request for the By-Law Department, please click on the PSR logo below.


Town Bylaws



Become a Crossing Guard

What does it take to become a crossing guard? We're glad you asked. 

Every year the Town of Pelham seeks crossing guards to help fill the gaps where posts require guard assistance. Helping children get to and from school safely is a big part of the job, but ensuring that both pedestrians and motorists are paying attention is equally important.

Crossing guards are visual representatives of our community and;

  • Set proper examples
  • Encourage patterns of safe crossing
  • Conduct is  reasonable and prudent
  • Know and follow all policies and procedures
  • Know the scope of their authority and responsibility

Pelham crossing guards are provided the information and equipment they need to fulfil the duty asked of them. If you'd like to learn more about being a crossing guard, or have questions, please contact our senior bylaw officer, Craig Genesse at 905-892-2607 x204.


Cannabis operations and odours in the Town somewhat fall within the Town's jurisdiction but there are several levels of government involved. Learn more about cannabis in Pelham.

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