The Town of Pelham and Niagara Region follow a two-tier approach to jointly provide water to our residents and businesses: the town provides water distribution and wastewater collection and the Region handles supply and treatment of drinking water.

Pelham Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance:

  • Municipal water system maintenance
    • Watermain breaks
    • Water meter/remote maintenance
    • Water usage investigation (high bills)
    • Water service shut off/on
    • Curb box repair
    • Water quality complaint and investigation
    • Fire Hydrant Repair and Maintenance

Water Distribution System Annual Summary Reports

Pelham Wastewater Collection System Operation and Maintenance:

  • Municipal wastewater system maintenance
    • Sanitary sewer system flushing and video inspection (Annual contracted service)
    • Sanitary manhole inspections and repair
    • Sanitary sewer blockages 

Drinking water quality reports


** For water and wastewater new account set up and inquiries please contact Krysten MacLeod in the Water Billing Department at 905-892-2607  x334 or via email at:

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