EV Chargers in Pelham

In 2023 the Town of Pelham Strategic Plan identified the need for EV charging stations.

In the 2023 Capital Budget, a project was established for the installation of EV charging stations at municipal facilities, pending grant support. The town submitted and received two different grants to allow for installation at both the Meridian Community Centre and Pelham Town Hall.

The Meridian Community Centre project was made possible with the funding support of Pollution Probe. 

Aviva Canada and Earth Day Canada supported the installation at Pelham Town Hall.

As of the fall of 2023, both locations now have publically available EV Chargers that can be accessed via the FLO network. 

How do I access the chargers and the FLO app?
When you download the FLO app you can easily find stations, start a charging session, and pay — all from your mobile device.


Where are EV Chargers publically available in Pelham?
Chargers in Pelham can be accessed with the FLO Chargers app. Click here to check availability.
Pelham Municipal Building

20 Pelham Town Square,
Fonthill ON L0S 1E0

  • $2.00 (CAD) per hour
    J1772 (6.24 kW)


Meridian Community Centre

100 Meridian Wy,
Fonthill ON L0S 1E6

  • $22.00 (CAD) per hour
    CHAdeMO (50 kW)
  • SAE Combo(50 kW)
What makes and models can use the EV Chargers?

The chargers are universal and can charge all current vehicle makes and models, including Teslas, when using the adaptor Tesla provides.


FLO Level 2 chargers use the SAE J1772 connector and DC Fast Chargers are compatible with CHAdeMO & SAE J1772 combo protocols.

Do I need to be a FLO member to use the stations?
You don’t need to be a FLO member to use the FLO App or activate a station. If you need to activate the station without being a member, you can activate a session as a guest user by providing an e-mail address and credit card number.
How do I pay at the station?

You have 2 options to pay/”authenticate” at a station:

  1. Using the FLO App, create an account, and add credits via credit card payment or proceed as a guest.
  2. Link your FLO card to a FLO account. Then add credits to your account via the FLO App or Desktop portal.

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