The Town of Pelham's budgets cover a wide range of services across all departments. Each year the Town adopts capital and operating budgets, along with water and wastewater budgets and a schedule of user fees and charges.

Budgets are designed to address programs, services, infrastructure, asset management, council objectives, and more. Town staff prepare the budgets, with Council ultimately approving them.

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General User Fees and Charges

Click here to view the 2023 General User Fees and Charges


Annual Budgets and Reports

View the list of current and previous year's budgets and reports below

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Water and Wastewater User Fees and Charges

Click here to view the 2023 Water and Wastewater User Fees and Charges

2023 Budgets and Reports 

To view the upcoming budget meetings please visit the Council Calendar here.


2023 Budget Schedule

2023 Capital Budget

2023 Operating Budget

2023 User Fees and Charges

2023 Water and Wastewater User Fees and Charges

2023 Water and Wastewater Budget

2023 Tax Rate Schedule

2023 Consolidated Financial Statements

2022 Budgets and Reports

To view the upcoming budget meetings please visit the Council Calendar here.


2022 Budget Schedule

2022 Capital Budget

2022 Operating Budget

2022 User Fees and Charges

2022 Water and Wastewater Budget

2022 Tax Rate Schedule

2022 Consolidated Financial Statements

2021 Budgets and Reports

2021 Budget Schedule 

2021 Capital Budget

2021 Operating Budget

2021 User Fees and Charges

2021 Water and Wastewater Budget

2021 Tax Rate Schedule

2021 Consolidated Financial Statements  

2021 Annual Report

2020 Budgets and Reports

2020 Capital Budget

2020 Operating Budget

2020 User Fees and Charges

2020 Water and Wastewater Budget

2020 Tax Rates 

2020 Consolidated Financial Statements  

2020 Annual Report

2019 Budgets and Reports 

2019 Capital Budget

2019 Operating Budget

2019 User Fees and Charges

2019 Water and Wastewater Budget

2019 Tax Rates 

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements  

2019 Annual Report

2018 Budgets and Reports

2018 Capital Budget

2018 Operating Budget

2018 Water and Wastewater Budget

2018 Tax Rates

2018 Consolidated Financial Statements

2017 Budgets and Reports

2017 Capital Budget

2017 Operating Budget

2017 Operating Budget Presentation

2017 Water and Wastewater Budget

2017 Tax Rates

2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

2016 Budgets and Reports

2016 Capital Budget

2016 Operating Budget

2016 Operating Budget Presentation

2016 Capital Budget Presentation

2016 Water and Wastewater Budget

2016 Tax Rates

2016 Financial Statements

Capital Asset Management Plan - Update

2015 Budgets and Reports

2015 Capital Budget

2015 Capital Budget Presentation

2015 Operating Budget

2015 Operating Budget Presentation

2015 Water And Wastewater Budget

2015 Tax Rates

2015 Approved Consolidated Schedule Of Fees And Charges

2015 Financial Statements

2014 Budgets and Reports

2014 Capital Budget

2014 Capital Budget Presentation

2014 Operating Budget

2014 Operating Budget Presentation

2014 Water And Wastewater Budget

2014 Tax Rates

2014 Consolidated Schedule Of Fees And Charges

2014 Financial Statements

2013 Budgets and Reports

2013 Capital Budget

2013 Capital Budget Presentation

2013 Operating Budget

2013 Operating Budget Presentation

2013 Tax Rates

2013 Consolidated Schedule Of User Fees & Charges

2013 Financial Statements

2012 Budgets and Reports

2012 Capital Budget

2012 Capital Budget Presentation

2012 Operating Budget

2012 Operating Budget Presentation

2012 Tax Rates

2012 Water and Wastewater Budget

2012 Consolidated Schedule of User Fees & Charges

2012 Financial Information Return

2012 Financial Statements

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