Official Plan

The Official Plan is a municipality's blueprint for the future. It contains policies that guide municipal planning decisions and information on future expansion of the Town's network of roads, water mains, and sewers. The schedules (maps) show where residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational development can go and what areas must be protected from development.

On April 2, 2012, the Town of Pelham adopted a new Official Plan (in accordance with Section 17(22) of the Planning Act, R.S.O., p13) by By-Law 3259 (2012).

On July 18, 2014, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) issued a written decision, Case No. PL121306, regarding the new Official Plan.

The decision approves the Official Plan, dated March 11, 2014, except for matters identified in Attachment 1 to the decision.

The deferred matters, that are pending future approval by the OMB, have been identified in the Official Plan with either grey or yellow highlighted text. 


Appendix A   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Demonstration Plans

Appendix B   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Urban Design Guidelines

Appendix C   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Natural Heritage Features Mapping

Appendix D   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Development Yield /  Density Calculations

Appendix E    Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Area

Appendix F    Definitions



Schedule A     Town of Pelham - Land Use

Schedule A1   Fonthill Settlement Area

Schedule A2   Fenwick Settlement Area

Schedule A3   North West Fonthill Secondary Plan Area

Schedule A4   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Urban Structure Plan

Schedule A5   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Land Use Plan

Schedule A6   East Fonthill Secondary Plan Area - Transportation Plan

Schedule A7  1120 Haist - Special Policy Area

Schedule B     Town of Pelham - Environmental Features

Schedule B1   Town of Pelham - Subwatershed and Subwatershed Features

Schedule B2   Town of Pelham - Natural Resources

Schedule C     Town of Pelham - Transportation Features

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