Complaint Process for Council Code of Conduct 

If you believe the Code of Conduct has been violated, you can submit a complaint. It is recommended that an information process be intiated first, telling the Member that their behavior appears to have violated the Code.  Request the Member to stop the behavior and document information such as the date, time, location and others present.

If you are not satisfied with an informal complaint resolution, a formal process must be initiated.

Steps to Launch a Formal Complaint: 

Step 1: Complete the Code of Conduct-Formal Complain Form/Affidavit 

  • Include information to support your claim against the Member of Council, including dates, locations, names and contact information for witnesses;
  • Include your name and contact information; anonymous complaints will not be accepted;
  • Do not sign the form until you are before a Commissioner of Oaths;
  • Clerk’s Department Staff may act as a Commissioner for this purpose.

Step 2: File the Affidavit;

  • If your Affidavit has already been sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths, bring the Affidavit and any supporting documentation in a sealed envelope and deliver, in person, to the Town Clerk, in person at the Town of Pelham Municipal Office: 20 Pelham Town Square, Fonthill.

  • If you require a Commissioner, bring the completed form, unsigned and unsealed, to the Office of the Town Clerk.  Appointments are recommended 905 892-2607, ext. 315.  Identification is required.  There will be no fee.

Step 3: Once the completed and sworn document is complete, seal the envelope and provide it to the Clerk who will forward it to the Integrity Commissioner.  The Integrity Commissioner will contact you directly regarding the complaint.

The Town Clerk and any other necessary individuals will maintain confidentiality.

Additional Documentation: 

By-law #4104(2019) - Being a by-law to adopt the Town of Pelham Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards. 
By-law #4104(2019) Schedule

By-law #4070(2019) - Being a by-law to appoint an Integrity Commissioner for the Town of Pelham, and to set out the roles and responsibilties of the integrity Commissioner. 

The Agreement for Professional Services between the Town of Pelham and ADR Chambers Inc. 

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