Vehicle donation program

Pelham Fire Services responds to numerous emergencies each year involving extricating drivers and passengers from vehicles. Often, there are serious injuries, and before a victim can be removed, firefighters must use specialized tools and techniques to remove parts of the vehicle from around the victim.

Auto extrication is a very specialized field. With an increased use of lightweight vehicle components, airbags, computer controlled security, and alternate fuel/hybrid systems, it is even more important that firefighters are up to date and informed of changes in vehicle designs and extrication techniques.

As part of Pelham Fire Services' training program, firefighters take part in training sessions using scrap vehicles, usually donated or obtained from a recycler. Pelham Fire Services offers a program facilitating the donation of scrap vehicles directly to the Fire Service for training purposes.

To donate a vehicle to the program, please register by calling 905-892-2607 x201.

We appreciate your donation to help our firefighters learn and practice valuable skills to help serve our community.

Donation Process
The following information will be required to make a vehicle donation:

  • owner's name, phone number, mailing address, and the location of the vehicle
  • year, make, model, colour, and vehicle identification number (VIN#) 

Once the vehicle is registered for the program, your contact information will be shared with a vehicle recycling partner. Within 48 hours, one of our partners will call you to make an appointment to pick up the vehicle. This is done at no cost to the owner. Please ensure that your licence plates and any personal belongings are removed from the vehicle prior to pick-up.

At the time of pick-up, the following is required:

  • You must show a current photo ID (driver's licence, government ID, or passport) to verify your identity.
  • Your vehicle registration must be signed by the owner and handed to our vehicle recycling partner. For a multiple ownership vehicle, please ensure that all persons named von the vehicle registration have signed it. Please note the vehicle permit portion of your Ontario ownership/registration is on the left-hand side. The right-hand side of your registration, known as the plate permit, should stay with your licence plates (these should be removed prior to pick-up).
Juvenile Fires Setters Program (Tapp-C)

If your child is involved in fire-play or fire setting, you are not alone. Many children have a fascination with fire. It is important to understand that while curiosity about fire is natural, fire-play can be dangerous. In fact, fire is a leading cause of death among children in the home. Unfortunately, many youngsters start the very fires that injure or kill themselves or others.

The principal reason most children play with fire is out of curiosity. Troubled children may act out their anger or frustration by setting fires. Abused children may cry for help. Older children may set fires due to peer pressure, or as a part of gang activity.

Fire setting presents an enormous risk to children, their families and the community. Fire involvement can be a sign of other problems in a child's life. It can start at any age. Fire-play can start out small and progress to larger and more serious fires that threaten the safety of the child and the family. It is important that you deal with any fire involvement immediately.

Fires are the number-one cause of death at home for children under six. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that two of every five of those children killed in home fires die in fires started by themselves or other young children. More than one out of every eight fatal structure fires is started by a child under the age of 15 years.

The Pelham Fire Department is involved with the TAPP-C program which is designed to deal with a growing trend in juvenile fire setting and fire play. The program is administered through the Fire Prevention Office by Fire Service Personnel who are trained in intervention techniques specific to juvenile fire setting.

TAPP-C is a program that brings together fire service and counseling professionals to help families deal effectively with children and teens involved in fire-play. The fire service educates children and their families about fire, and helps in the development of good fire safety practices. Counseling professionals assess the risk of continued fire involvement and help children and their families deal with the issues that may contribute to the fire setting behaviour. TAPP-C is free of charge and is available to children from 2-17 years of age.

What is Fire-play?

  • Playing with matches or lighters
  • Playing with the toaster, stove or furnace
  • Burning items such as toys, paper or garbage
  • Setting fire to destroy something or hurt someone

Things to Watch For:

If you notice any of the following, your child may be involved in fire-play:

  • Matches or lighters go missing
  • Matches or lighters are found among your child's belongings
  • There are burn marks on household items or your child's clothing or possessions
  • Your child is extremely interested in fire

You can help to protect your child and family from fire by following these fire safety tips:

  • Make sure that young children are supervised at all times.
  • Keep matches and lighters locked away where children cannot get them.
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside sleeping areas. Test them regularly
  • Develop and practice a home fire escape plan

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