Ontario is home to over 30, 000 different species of animals and plants. This biodiversity provides us with many benefits, including healthier communities.

The Ministry of Natural Resources manages wildlife in Ontario and reduces conflict between people and species. They help people find ways to conserve nature and protect their family and property.

In Pelham, one of the most common encounters for residents is coyotes.

The eastern coyote, found throughout much of southern Ontario and agricultural areas in the north, is a hybrid between the smaller western coyote and the eastern wolf.

Coyote-proofing your property

People and wild animals live side by side in Ontario. Preventing a problem is a far better solution that dealing with wildlife after a conflict. As a property owner, you have a role in making sure you are not attracting wildlife to your property that you don't want there.

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For more questions or concerns about Coyotes in Pelham, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940 or visit ontario.ca/livingwithwildlife.

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