Family Day Adventure in Pelham 
February 12 -15, 2021

Join us in celebrating Family Day 2021!


Family Day Scavenger Hunt 

More information to follow!




Community Expo

Community Expo 2021 is going Virtual and you have a chance to participate!

Family Day Adventure – a digital scavenger hunt for this upcoming Family Day Weekend (February 12-15).

The community expo will be featured on a virtual scavenger hunt, in order to participate your Community Group or Organization has a chance to submit a “Mission” which can be a trivia question or scavenger hunt mission that would have the community learn something about your group/ organization through a fun activity.

Here are some examples of  some activities that could be included:

  • Photo/ Video Submission “Safety First” take a photo of you and your team wearing a face covering, worth 400 points
  • Text Submission “Visit our website” – what is the goal of our organization – 300 points
  • Photo/ Video Submission “Roar” record a video of your lion roar, worth 600 points

The virtual scavenger hunt will go live for the Family Day weekend and residents can compete in the challenges with a real time leaderboard.

If you would like to submit a “mission” please fill out the Form below and submit it no later than Friday February 5, 2021.

2021 Family Day Mission Submission Form

 Golden Boot Hockey Game postponed until 2022

 The 2021 Golden Boot Hockey Game will be postponed until 2022.

The showdown of Pelham volunteers! 

The Pelham Volunteer Firefighters face off against the Pelham Minor Hockey Association coaches! 

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