The Building Permit process helps you understand the local bylaws and regulations. Before any demolition, construction, or remodelling begins, a permit must be obtained.

Building permits provide Building Officials the means to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of building occupants. All Building Officials are expected to follow the Code of Conduct for Building Officials at all times. 

Common permits include building, plumbing, sewer, water, demolition, moving a building, swimming pools, temporary event tents, special events, and signs.

Payment of the building permit fee is due upon issuance of the permit.

Building Permit Submission

  • To apply for a Building Permit please click here.
    • The City Reporter building permit system allows you to apply for a building permit, and review the status of your application at any time.  You can start an application and finish it at a later date.  You can also request inspection appointments.
  • For assistance using the online permit application tool please contact or 905-980-6683. 



Note: in order to use the 'online digital signature' you will need to download/save the Building Permit Application and Agent Authorization Forms and re-open using Adobe Reader. 

Security Deposits

  • Security deposits are taken to ensure that any damage during construction to Town services or property is rectified. This deposit is returned once final inspection has been carried out and there is no damage, or when damages have been rectified to the Town's satisfaction.

Other Information:


Any questions relating to Building Permits and process, please contact: Building Intake/Zoning Technician at 905-980-6683 or 905-892-2607 'inspections' or ext 344 |  



Pool Permit

Permits are required for above-ground pools as well as in-ground pools.

To apply for a pool permit you must submit a completed pool application form with two copies of the proposed site plan, showing the proposed location of the pool and distances from each property line, and submit to By-Law Enforcement at Fire Station 1. If your home is on a septic system, you will need to contact the Niagara Regional Private Sewage Systems Department at 905-980-6000 for their approval of the location of the pool. 

Pool Fencing Requirements

Fencing, a minimum height of 5', is required for both in-ground and above-ground pools. In the case of above-ground pools, a railing on the top of the pool is considered sufficient providing the minimum height of 5' is maintained.

Any questions, please contact Sylvia Zappitelli, Administrative Assistant, By-Law at 905-980-6646 or 905-892-2607 ext 201 or



Sign Permit

Any questions, please contact Sylvia Zappitelli, Administrative Assistant, By-Law at 905-980-6646 or 905-892-2607 ext 201 or


Special Events Permit

If you are planning your own special event, such as a parade, bicycle race, running event, walk-a-thon, filming, street festivities, or sidewalk sale, utilizing town infrastructure, such as roads or parks, a Special Event Permit is required. These Special Event Permits are issued by the department of public works.

Any questions, please contact Public Works, Administrative Assistant at 905-980-6672 or  

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