In 2008 the Town of Pelham initiated a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the downtown Fonthill and downtown Fenwick commercial areas. Working closely with a project steering committee including Town staff and representation from the Downtown Beautification Advisory Committee, preparation of this plan was informed and guided by an extensive program of stakeholder and community consultation, as well as input and oversight from Town Council.

On April 6, 2010, Council designated areas within the Villages of Fonthill and Fenwick as Community Improvement Areas and adopted the CIP for Downtown Fonthill and Downtown Fenwick. The CIP is an innovative document providing a strategy for land use, urban design, and public realm improvements in Downtown Fonthill and Downtown Fenwick.

The CIP contains a package of financial incentive programs a municipal leadership strategy designed to encourage private sector investment, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, redevelopment, and construction activity in the two downtown commercial areas. 

The CIP Financial Incentive Programs include:
  • Revitalization Grant Program
    This program is intended to encourage and support rehabilitation, redevelopment, infill and intensification projects in Downtown Fonthill and Downtown Fenwick by providing a financial incentive that reduces the property tax increase that can result from these various types of development. This incentive is also designed to assist in securing project financing.
    Application Form - Revitalization Grant Program 
  • Public Art Grant Program
    The purpose of this program is to promote the uniqueness, sense of place, community spirit and vibrancy of Downtown Fonthill and Downtown Fenwick through the provision of art forms on both public and private properties, where such art can be enjoyed by the public. 
    Application Form - Public Art Grant Program
  • Development Charge Exemption Program
    To promote development of vacant and underutilized sites and redevelopment on commercial and mixed use properties throughout the two Community Improvement Project Areas by providing a major economic catalyst in the form of a reduction of the often significant development charges that must be paid when a property is developed or redeveloped and additional commercial space and/or residential units are created. 
Downtown Design Guidelines

The Downtown Fenwick and Fonthill Design Guidelines provide an urban design vision and guidance for the downtowns of Fenwick and Fonthill, addressing the nature, intensity, and quality of development in both the public and private realms. This guideline document complements work already carried out in the CIP, and is intended to provide guidance for long-term development as the downtowns aim to become distinct destination points for both existing residents and visitors.

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