The Community Beautification Committee was formed to inspire residents and property owners in the Town of Pelham to enhance the visual appeal of their neighbourhoods and public spaces through the creative use of plants and landscaping with an overall respect to environmental stewardship. The committee aims to:

  • Establish and maintain an outreach program to consult the community on beautification goals and priorities and to report back to the community on past initiatives;
  • Examine best practices to achieve beautification goals that were determined through community outreach;
  • Establish and regularly review/update a committee Strategic Plan, in alignment with the Strategic Plan of Council;
  • Advise Council regularly on prioritized beautification initiatives, complete with best practices, budget and resource needs;
  • Measure and review the effectiveness of implemented recommendations; and
  • Be cognizant and communicate to Council the budgetary needs of the committee to carry out these duties.

    Committee Terms of Reference


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