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 Inbox #9 - July 12, 2019

With summer officially upon us, both by way of the calendar and thermometer, questions about summer events and festivals filled the Inbox. It’s an active time in Pelham and it’s always great to see the interest residents take in the events and festivals taking place in their community. As we’ve been doing this year, a lucky winner will be drawn in this edition of the Inbox, walking away with $25 Pelham Bucks! If you’re new to the Inbox you can submit an email to or fill out an Inbox card the next time you’re in Town Hall. So let’s not delay the fun, here we go.


How many people come out to Thursday concerts?
R. Chupik

This one is easy to answer in a broad sense and a little more difficult when you narrow it down. The bandshell concert series is part of the Town’s award-winning Thursday Night Experience (TNE) -comprised of the concerts, supper market, and farmers market. You’ll notice chairs set up as early as 6 a.m. – and perhaps even earlier – around the bandshell for the concert-goers locking in their seat for the evening’s show. On any given Thursday it’s not uncommon for the number of visitors to be in the thousands, meandering through the three components of TNE. Some come for just one component while others enjoy all three, so it’s tough to say the exact number that are there solely for the concert. Pro tip: if you’re coming to the concert, stake your spot early, space fills up fast!

Bonus tip: Congratulations, you’re this editions’ winner of $25 Pelham Bucks! We will email you with email address you provided on your question card with details on how to claim your prize!


When is Summerfest, and where?
N. Matthews

Summerfest takes place every third weekend in July, and for 2019 that means July 18-21. It kicks off with our Thursday Night Experience, followed by Country Night on Friday, the Street Festival all day Saturday, and closes on Sunday with a car show, pancake breakfast and more. Summerfest takes over the grounds of Peace Park (behind Town Hall) and Pelham Street. For more information on all the great events happening throughout Summerfest, visit


When is Summerfest and can I claim my Pelham Bucks at Summerfest?
S. Brettell

See above on when. As for claiming Pelham Bucks, you’ll want to check out to view the list of participating businesses and cross reference them with those attending Summerfest It might be a good idea to give that business a call to see if they will accept Pelham Bucks during Summerfest or not, just in case.


Where can I use my Pelham Bucks?
R. Bath

As mentioned in the response above, you can check out the list of Pelham Bucks participants. The great thing about the program is that it supports local business and has a variety of options, from restaurants to health services.


Are there any affordable housing units available for long-term Pelham residents in Pelham?

There are two non-profit apartment buildings in the Town located at 45 and 55 Pelham Town Square. These buildings are owned and operated by non-profit corporations offering affordable housing for seniors. There are other private rental apartment buildings in Fonthill and Fenwick that may offer rent at affordable rates, but the Town does not own or operate any type of housing units. The Niagara Regional Housing Corporation provides affordable housing across the Region. For more information about affordable housing in Niagara visit:


That wraps up this edition of the Inbox, but please keep those questions coming to or on social media, using #PelhamINBOX. We hope to hear from you soon. What’s next?

Inbox #8 - Homeshow edition 

***Correction to library maintenance question (see below)***

Spring is here. The trees are budding and flowers are cautiously peeking up from the soil. We had a great glimpse of the seasons ahead at the Home Show at the Meridian Community Centre in early April, where this edition of the INBOXES questions are derived. Those who submitted a question were entered into a draw for $25 Pelham Bucks and as we move through this edition the INBOX, our lucky winner will be noted alongside their question below. We will contact you with how you can claim your prize. And just so you know, the INBOX is set up for submission at Town Hall, with more prizes to give away. So next time you’re at Town Hall, make sure to submit a question! And with that, here we go.


How can I get my curb cut down? I live on Vinemount Drive and the bottom of our cars scrape pulling in and out.
Michael H.


Certainly a sound you don’t want to hear when driving, let alone pulling in and out of your own driveway. There are different standards for different curb cuts and the best way to sort out what can be done with your curb would be to get in touch with our public works department so they can come out and assess the situation. You can do this through submitting a Public Service Request (PSR) found at If you need assistance with this process, give us a call at 905-892-2607 x332.


Please! Bring back to the arches – we need them back!
Darlene M.

You’re not alone in this sentiment, there were a few INBOX questions/comments on this topic, all saying essentially the same thing. The arches certainly became iconic over the years; whether you loved them, hated them, or were completely indifferent, they were a place to gather as a community. The Rotary Club of Fonthill and Summerfest Committee recently presented a proposal to Council with their desire and funding plan to rebuild the arches. This presentation spurred the process to welcome submissions for the arches or other features. The Town is working on the criteria for submissions, processes, and timelines. I would imagine that within the next 6-8 weeks the future of the arches will become clearer.


Who is responsible for the maintenance of the library grounds and gardens?
Carol E.

The Town’s public works department takes care of the grounds and gardens for the libraries. Though if you’re looking to volunteer…..

***So the above was the original answer provided upon the release of Home Show edition of the Inbox, but I got it wrong. Thanks to members of the Pelham Garden Club, we have a correction to make. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I apologize for the original error.

While the lawns are the Town's responsibility, the gardens are maintained by the Pelham Garden Club. The PGC has assumed costs of plants and stonework and spend considerable time planting and maintaining the beautiful gardens. In fact, the new flower bed next to the steps to the post office was financed by the PGC to celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2018. 

Thanks again members of the PGC for the updated information - glad we could get that squared away for you and let the community know who is rightfully responsible for the beautiful gardens.


Is there Wi-Fi access at the MCC?
Trish R

Yes, there is public Wi-Fi at the MCC. When you’re there, connect your device to be taken to the Town of Pelham disclaimer/sign in page. As you read through the disclaimer (which we know you all will), you’ll reach the bottom where a green button will say “continue to internet”. Click that button and away you go.


We live beside Summersides Boulevard and we’re worried about the safety of pedestrians. When will the sidewalks go in? We have seen a lot of close calls especially our neighbour who rides a scooter.
Kathy L.

Safety is paramount, no question about it. Staff is currently looking to bring a report to Council requesting to install a temporary asphalt sidewalk on Summersides (possibly this spring) as a placeholder to the permanent sidewalks are put in place, which will not occur until the adjacent lands are developed. There was a question about the Circle K area sidewalk as well, and the same applies: the sidewalk will not be installed until development proceeds. And Kathy, one more thing. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re our winner of $25 Pelham Bucks! Thanks for filling out a card. You’ll be contacted with how to claim your prize.


That wraps up this edition of the Inbox, but please keep those questions coming to or on social media, using #PelhamINBOX. We hope to hear from you soon. What’s next?


Inbox #7 - January 22, 2019

With the winter weather finally showing up, parking, or parking bans rather, is a topic we’ve been getting plenty of questions about. We’ve got some friendly links below to help you avoid an unwanted parking ticket. Hopefully your New Year’s resolutions are still intact, though don’t feel bad if they’re not, there’s plenty of time to get back on track. In the meantime, let’s jump in to the first Inbox of 2019.


Are there even parking tickets issued anymore?
Dave B.

If you ask any of the 30 who received a ticket on Jan. 20, they will assure you that tickets are indeed handed out to those in violation of winter parking regulations. When winter parking regulations are in effect residents are not permitted to park on the streets. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that once Town plows and sanders have completed their operations, parking on the street is permissible, so be mindful of when storms hit and when plows are on the road. If you have a complaint about specific streets or areas where you believe parking on the street contravenes the regulations you can contact our bylaw office.


Has the Canada150 quilt been finished? I do not see it at the MCC and have not heard anything about it lately. Thanks for any further update.
Muriel H.


For those of you on hand for the Meridian Community Centre’s (MCC) grand opening – and for a spell thereafter – you would have noticed the quilt hanging in the area near the Panthers Den (concession area). Currently, however, we are working on finding a permanent home for the quilt. We’re open to suggestions! It’s a great looking quilt and we’re so thankful that a member of the Pelham community stepped up and took the project on. #PelhamPROUD.


My father was Glynn Albert Green. I don’t know if it’s too late but my father had a hockey plaque in the old arena. It might be gone now but if it isn’t, I would great appreciate anything of his. I was very close with my dad and would like to give my son something to remember him.
Cathie G


I was happy to work with our facilities team – they did all the hard work – to locate the plaque for Cathie and her son. It took some digging, but our staff found the plaque and we’ve happily relocated it to the family. As always, if the staff at Town Hall can be of assistance, we’re happy to help, just give us a ring or send us an email.


According to your own poll, more people oppose it than want it but Wiens recommends it anyways? Way to listen to the opinions of citizens. Why bother polling?

Cathy B.


This was a question regarding the recent cannabis retail poll and whether the Town should opt in or opt out (the Town has opted out for those not up to date). What’s important to remember with this poll was only a small piece of the puzzle, reflecting a small percentage of the overall population. The poll was issued to get a general idea of what people were thinking. When making recommendations (as staff does) or decisions (as Council does), we have to remember that there is more to the process than just a survey or the loudest voice. Interestingly, many Councillors noted their surprise at how close the poll was; what they heard on the campaign trail reflected a larger disparity in opinion. Different arenas produce different results. Regardless of where you fell on the opt in versus opt out spectrum, it was great to see the community take the time to share their thoughts – we appreciate it.



That wraps up this edition of the Inbox, but please keep those questions coming to or on social media, using #PelhamINBOX. We hope to hear from you soon. What’s next?


 *Inbox questions are answered by the Town of Pelham’s PR & Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald.

Inbox #6 - October 24, 2018

It’s been a while since our last Inbox but we’re ready to get back at it. Since we left you last we’ve opened up Summersides Boulevard, witnessed cannabis legalization (question on that below), officially opened the community centre, and oh yeah, completed the 2018 municipal and school board election. There’s lots to get caught up on and much more ahead. So let’s get cracking.


What happened to all of the team pictures from past Pelham hockey OMHA champions that were in the old arena - are they going up somewhere in the new arena?
Bill K.

Fear not, Bill, history will not be forgotten. As the Pelham Minor Hockey Association (PMHA) settles into their new digs at the Meridian Community Centre, Town staff will work with PMHA to determine what banners, photos, and other items are coming over and where they will be displayed. If there’s something in particular you’re curious about, you can always reach out to PMHA and inquire with them directly:


What is the price of the tables at the Pelham Outdoor Christmas Market?
Michelle B.

It’s not even Halloween yet and we’re talking Christmas – though I suppose that’s on us as we’ve put the call out for vendors for the annual event – taking place December 7 this year. If you’re a Pelham business you’ll be getting a discount ($45.20 compared to $55.20 for out of Town businesses), so you’ll want to make sure to book your table as soon as possible. Again, it’s not even Halloween, but let’s be honest, time flies and Christmas will be here before you know it. For more information, check out


Why is the walking track [at the MCC] closed during Jr. B. games?
Mary K.

It’s a great question and one we’ve heard on several occasions. The reason the track closes during Jr. B. games is that the game requires a paid ticket to enter the arena, and because the track runs (somewhat pun intended) the perimeter of the arena, you cannot access it without a ticket. We’ll do our best to post in advance the dates and times the track is closed for Jr. B. games (you can check out and click the walking track tab for a list) as well as other functions or events in the Accipiter Arena that may warrant the closing of the track. There will be notifications posted online and at the MCC when this happens.


Who do you call to trim trees on your property that belong to the town?
Kim R.

I want to say Ghostbusters, but that’s my reaction nearly every time I hear a variation of “who you gonna call?”. The real answer of course is the Town. However, the best option for submitting a request for tree pruning is though our Public Service Request (PSR) system: The PSR is a great tool in that it lets you track the progress of your request, from submission, to acceptance, to updates, to completions. With a PSR you’ll know exactly where your request stands at all times.


How about banning consumption [of cannabis] in public areas like Markham did?
Leah U.

With the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17, 2018, many questions for municipalities were raised, including one similar to that referenced here. Currently, the Smoke Free Ontario Act and the Regional bylaw 112-2013, both enforced by the Region, regulate smoking and outline areas such as outdoor patios, childcare facilities, schools, etc. where smoking is prohibited. The provincial government has said that smoking cannabis is permitted in the same areas as tobacco. Any additional bylaws would have to come from Pelham Town Council. If you click the link, you can learn more about where smoking is prohibited. Recreational consumption, of course, is only part of the overall issue. In Pelham, many residents ask about the facilities that grow cannabis and what controls are in place to prevent them from popping up everywhere. The Town recently passed an interim control bylaw that restricts the use of all land Town for any cannabis-related uses for a period of one year. Which leads us to our next question.


A resident who reads by-law 3(b) as if this is already an existing cannabis operation which is lawful they can proceed with expansion, alteration or construction.  It does appear to read that “save and except”. Could you please expand on this.

Carla B.

In this case, the resident is partially correct. The missing piece in their assessment is that the required applications for alteration, construction, or expansion would have needed to be completed and approved prior to the date the interim control bylaw was enacted – October 15, 2018. 

Essentially, if an operation had these approvals prior to Oct. 15, 2018, they would be permitted to continue with their project. If they did not have these approvals prior to Oct. 15, 2018, they would not be permitted to construct, alter, or expand their operation, despite being a current lawful use.


Do you have a final percentage figure on voter turnout in Pelham?
Ed D.

We do indeed. It was 50.44%.
And here’s a bunch of other election numbers you didn’t necessarily ask for, but we’ll give you anyway:

Mayor: Marvin Junkin (56% of the vote)
Ward 1 Councillors: Mike Ciolfi (28%) and Marianne Stewart (26%)
Ward 2 Councillors: Ron Kore (39%) and John Wink (22%)
Ward 3 Councillors: Lisa Haun (33%) and Robert (Bob) Hildebrandt (25%)

Voter turnout for this year’s election was up from 44.33% in 2014. This percentage year’s turnout equates to 7,195 ballots casts – there were no declined ballots in this year’s election. There are 14,264 registered electors in Pelham.

Ward 2, with the second most electors (4,898) cast the most votes (2,688). Ward 3, with the most electors (4,911) cast the second most votes (2,509). And Ward 1, with the fewest electors, (4,455) cast the fewest votes (1,998).

*Inbox questions are answered by the Town of Pelham’s PR & Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald.

Inbox #5 - June 28, 2018

It's a few days early, but Happy Canada Day Pelham! If you don't have plans this weekend, make sure to check out for a full list of great activities. We're onto Inbox #5 and I hope you continue to send your questions into the Inbox over the summer; the outdoors, vaction, etc. will hopefully keep us all away from our devices, but if you've got questions, I've got your answers. Here we go...


The question you were asked was if it sold for at least the same price the Town paid The Allen Group for unserviced land that was disclosed in the KPMG report. Why did you not answer the question?
B. Karner

This questions stems from a response in the last Inbox, which I would refer you to for some background. That said, I had just been informed of the conditions being waived prior to the Inbox posting; I didn’t have the price available to me at that time. The Mayor has since posted and informed the public of the price ($600k/acre)  at a recent council meeting

As for the comparison between the Allen Group land and this land, they are two separate pieces of land in a variety of ways. The appraisal that established the value of the land that the Town purchased for park purposes from Fonthill Gardens was done in accordance with the Town's Parkland Dedication bylaw, which establishes an appraisal on the day before building permit is issued. Therefore, it is based on it being serviced land. That appraisal was based on the value for serviced medium density residential land at that time. 

The lands that the Town sold for the medical centre are not medium density residential lands, they are mixed use. The Town had an appraisal done for this property and it was completed in March 2018 establishing the value for it as serviced mixed use land at $1,200,000. The sale of these lands is in line with the appraised value of the lands. 

There were two appraisals done for two different properties that established values of each property.

Does Council still meet during the summer months?

I was asked this question after our last Council meeting on June 18, and to my summertime-and-the-living-is-easy chagrin, yes, Council still meets during the summer months, though on a different schedule. Instead of two meetings per month, it is down to just one: Monday the 16th in July and Monday the 20th for August. Special Council meetings, as usual, are convened when necessary.


I would love to do [Aqua Zumba] but work during the day, any chance a night time class is in the future?
A. Fox - Facebook

Unfortunately not at this time. The pool schedule is jam packed with a variety of public and private bookings, and squeezing in an evening Aqua Zumba class isn’t in the cards this year. If you have questions or suggestions about the swim programs, contact Julie Cook ( and she can help you out.


I’m interested in your Dial A Ride program in Pelham. I live in Fonthill and would like to know if it would be possible for the bus to pick my husband and I up on a Thursday and take us to the supper market and concert. I would need to get back home after the concert, which I assume is after the bus stops running. Is there currently an option for getting home after hours? Thank you.
A. Fisher 

Perhaps one of the best things about the Pelham transit system is that it’s flexible in its offering. For example, on your way to Peace Park for the Supper Market and Bandshell (excellent Thursday Night entertainment decision by the way) you could catch a ride at one of the shuttle points or pick up the transit during its regularly scheduled route (Information for both found here). Alternatively, Pelham Transit offers something called “Dial-a-Ride”. Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door service that picks up and drops off within the Pelham boundaries, running from 7-10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. All we ask is that you book your time 48 hours in advance.

What was in the Mayor’s letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Bill Mauro?

This is a question that has continued to come in a variety of ways, so I thought, what better way to get the answer out than through the Inbox? It’s important to remember that the Mayor is the Town’s voice and writing a letter to the Minister in this scenario is exactly the step you would expect him to take; it was a step taken with knowledge and full support of Council, not unilaterally. The letter was consistent with other approved resolutions and directions of Council (you’ll notice this in the timeline provided in the letter), and the Minister also wrote to the Mayor and Niagara Regional Council, informing all parties of the decision not to conduct an audit. You can view the letter here.

Will they be spraying anywhere else [for gypsy moth]? I contacted the town last year about them and never got a response about anything
K. Fleming

The short answer, no, there will be no additional spraying this year. We have been receiving many calls, concerns and enquiries in regards to the gypsy moth. The greatest percentage of calls last year were in relation to the infestation near Hillcrest Park. After bringing this issue to Council’s attention, staff were provided budget and direction to spray only Hillcrest Park.  As you’ll recall, the spraying was completed utilizing a contractor in late May and consisted of two aerial treatments seven days apart. Though we are aware of the infestation in other areas and continue to monitor it, there are no plans for further spraying in 2018. At this stage, spraying would not have much of an effect. Moving forward, we are asking residents to fill out a form and return it via email or mail to the attention of Christine Tonon - Public Works at The forms will be assembled and presented to Council for consideration of expanding the spray area and budget in 2019.


*Inbox questions are answered by the Town of Pelham’s PR & Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald.

Inbox #4 - June 18, 2018

Congratulations on securing a large medical facility for our town. Is this the facility outlined under the option terms the Allen group has on their acreage or does this now release them from the agreement for the land use ? Is the Allen group now free to build whatever they want if they exercise their option and purchase the land at a greatly reduced price? Did the selling price of the land to the medical facility come anywhere near to what the town paid for their unserviced land?
N. Beamer

Thanks! Lots to unpack in this question, so here we go. I’d be remiss if I didn’t start by saying that this facility will bring a much-needed, much-anticipated service to Pelham. This agreement is separate from the option with the Allen Group and does not release them from their agreement. The Allen Group cannot build whatever they want, as their option is very specific in nature. The sale has just been finalized and conditions have been waived. Next step: site plan approval. The purchase price was in line with recent appraisals.


I live near a busy intersection where quite often stop signs are not obeyed. Who do I contact to have larger stop signs installed or signs indicating that stop signs are ahead? There are several houses with young children at and near this intersection.
E. Fasan

Yikes! Certainly not a something you want to see, especially with young children around. Your best option would be to contact our public works department so they can look into the issue. Our staff is well versed in traffic safety and can identify steps that might be suitable to each situation similar to the one you have described. You can also submit a public service request to receive updates and communication about your concern. As for enforcement, you can reach out to Niagara Regional Police to let them know of the issue; sometimes hearing directly from residents has a strong impact.   


I have a question. Why is it that I live in Pelham, yet I have to have a Welland mailing address? Or else I don't get my mail. The people in close proximity to me have Pelham or Fenwick mailing addresses just seems to be my street (river road). How would we go about getting this changed to one address? Because I have my residential address and I have a mailing address.
R. Faiazza

The simplest way to put this is that, well, there is no simple way to put it. The issue you’ve run into is a case of your civic address (based on your municipality) being different than your mailing address (given by Canada Post). This issue came to Council on June 4 and a staff report will be coming back to address (no pun intended) it. Canada Post has dealt with issues similar to this in other areas – certainly not unique to Pelham – and there has been success in making the change. The process may take some time, but it’s certainly worth exploring. Look for more information coming back from the staff report in the near future.

What the heck is an FOI and why does it keep popping up in so many headlines?

An FOI is a Freedom of Information request. Freedom of Information requests can be made by anyone for any reason. In Pelham, when a request comes in it is submitted to the Town Clerk, who is solely responsible for the receipt, review, and release of the incoming/outgoing information; it would be illegal for any other member of the corporation to dictate the flow of this information. And though the Act may be referred to as “Freedom of Information Act”, you need to keep in mind that the second component is incredibly important as it requires analysis to ensure there is also protection of privacy. When a request is received, it is not a matter of simply downloading or photocopying and releasing the document(s) requested but rather, a detailed analysis of every page of every document is required to ensure that privacy is protected, that the mandatory exemptions are applied, that third party interests are considered and finally, when appropriate, information is released. I’m no expert on FOIs, but this sounds like a job that should and does take longer than five minutes, which is why a 30 day processing time, with special exemptions for increased time, is provided. There are very strict rules and guidelines in the FIPPA and MFFIPA Act, and you can find more information here:


*Inbox questions are answered by the Town of Pelham’s PR & Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald.


Inbox #3 - May 17, 2018


I would like to know what you're planning to do with the boxes in the Hwy 20. The last two years they looked awful, the stones are not placed properly and the boxes only contained weeds. Hope something can be done.
A. Schut

This is a tricky area for our public work’s crew to maintain; due to regular traffic hazards and environmental impact on the plant beds it’s a tough spot. For safety purposes, any work done on these median boxes would require installation of traffic calming measures, signage, and control plans – easy enough to do, but disruptive to the flow of traffic. Our workers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. The other side of the coin, however, makes it equally, if not more difficult to tend to. Because of the salt used for winter control, the beds are limited to what will actually grow, let alone grow well. Our team does the best they can in caring for all areas of beautification – some are just harder than others.


We live across the fields from the facility on Foss Road.  The disgusting skunk like smell that drifts over this whole area is nauseating.  We do not wish to smell this all summer while outdoors.  Can you tell me if that property under Pelham township or Welland.  Thank you.
S. Peterson

If you’re referring to the facility at 182 Foss Road, that is in Pelham. I encourage you to make your voice heard and email your complaint to cmc@hc-sc.gc.caYou may also follow up via telephone at 1-866-337-7705. Additionally, so the Town can help track the issue, please reach out to our bylaw services department:


I have a question. Why is it that I live in Pelham, yet I have to have a Welland mailing address? Or else I don't get my mail. The people in close proximity to me have Pelham or Fenwick mailing addresses just seems to be my street (river road). How would we go about getting this changed to one address? Because I have my residential address and I have a mailing address.
R. Fazzia

Forgive this blank reply. Looking into this question it appears the answer isn’t as simple as I would have thought. Rest assured I’ll have this one answered for you (in some fashion) in the next Inbox.


Will there be sidewalks put in on one or both sides of Pelham Street south of John/Pancake? Pedestrians avoid this area due to concerns about traffic safety and rolled ankles on uneven soft shoulder.
A. Millhiser

That is the plan, though it may take some time to materialize. Improving and increasing the walkability in all areas of the Town is part of the 20 year plan. The area you’re mentioning will be completed in phases, as both roads and sidewalks receive attention.


Could you explain why Fern Gate is posted wrongly on the town street signs? Fern Gate is two words, the street name and type (gate). Welland Rd is correct.
B. Richardson

The exact reason, I can’t say for sure. That said, we can certainly look into it. We’ll get questions or requests of a similar nature come in and when they do we direct people to our public service request system: Sometimes we’ve got it right, and other times we’ve got it wrong. None the less, we appreciate when residents take the time to reach out to us and let us know.


The new Arena/Sports Complex is nearing completion. I am concerned about the amount of parking. Travelling to many competitions and hockey tournaments, there is always a lack of parking available. But this lot seems extremely limited and if we sell the lands adjacent.
S. Niznik - Facebook

It can be an optical illusion at times, an empty lot looking smaller than a full one, and maybe that’s the case here. In any event, there are 265 parking spaces at the community centre, which meets the zoning bylaw. Additionally, because we know not everyone drives a vehicle, we’ve got space for parking up to 50 bicycles. And when those tournaments roll into town and coach buses descend up the area, there are two designated bus parking stalls.


*Inbox questions are answered by the Town of Pelham’s PR & Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald.


Inbox #2 - May 1, 2018

A quick note to start Inbox #2. Answers to questions coming via the Inbox do take a little time to make their way back to the public sphere. Some questions are a simple yes or no, while others require a deeper dive to ensure correct, up-to-date information is being shared. The design of the Inbox is to provide answers on a broad range of questions on various topics before publishing; I appreciate your patience. So without further ado…


Can I put an enclosed carport on my garage without a building permit?
D. Metler

No, you cannot. Simply put, if you’re going to add an addition/extension to any current building, you’ll want to grab that permit. One of the more common building permit questions comes with the construction of decks and fences. For a fence, no permit is required (though you’ll want to ensure you comply with municipal regulations), whereas as deck (greater than 24 inches above ground level) will require a permit. If you’re unsure whether your project requires a building permit, give our department of community planning and development a call. Town staff can assist you with all you’ll need to know about your plans and permits.


The traffic lights at South Pelham and Port Robinson Rd are currently not sensing traffic volumes and have returned to the default program. How do we report traffic light issues to the region?
J. Timpano 

This can be done in a few simple steps. Call the Region at 905-980-6000 and let them know of the issue. They will create a work order to have it fixed, usually in a relatively quick timeframe. And that’s it, just a few simple steps. If your question extends beyond traffic lights, you can contact the Region for anything on a Regional Road including trees, potholes, culverts, road kill, streetlights, snow plowing, grass cutting – you get the idea. And if you’re wondering what roads this would include, they are: Highway 20, Rice Road, Webber Road, Effingham Street (not road), River Road and O’Reilleys Road.


Why is it that we cannot get a better ice time when we now have two pads? I understand it’s subsidized by outside organizations but we’re the ones paying taxes on it so we should have priority no?
Larry S.

I see where you’re coming from, who wouldn’t want primetime? However, as part of the process to warrant two rinks, the Town needed to ensure primetime usage would be at or as close to 100 per cent as possible. In order to do this, agreements were signed with groups able to provide the necessary commitment. The next round of available times went to the user groups who have been long-time renters (in some cases up to 30 years). They were given the opportunity to keep or change their time slot in the new facility. After these groups were slotted in, remaining times were open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. If you’d like to book some time, you can do so here:


Last year you took up our parking concrete turnaround.  However, we are a corner lot and now we do not have trees planted.  Could you please consider us this summer for at least two?
Linda G.

With the sunshine now peeking out at regular intervals, shady spots will become prime real estate once again; I can  appreciate your desire to have replacements. When municipal trees are removed, the location is put on a list for replanting. These replanted trees are part of the Council-approved budget, and as many trees as possible are replanted. Without knowing exactly where you’re located I can’t say for certain if you’ll have the tree replanted this year, but if you’d like to follow up with our public works department to find out, please do so. Directory can be found in the answer to the question directly below.


I am looking for the email to contact the parking bylaw department.
Jeff W.

If you need to connect with our bylaw officer, or anyone at the Town of Pelham for that matter, you can view our staff directory here:


Why wasn’t my question answered in this Inbox?
Every question is important and I promise you we’ll get to them, but in order to keep the Inbox functioning at an easily readable and digestible pace, I don’t want to flood it out of the gates. There has been an active response to this initiative and I am excited to keep it going. So if your question wasn’t addressed this time around, there’s a good chance you’ll see it in Inbox #3.

*Inbox questions are answered by the Town of Pelham’s PR & Marketing Specialist, Marc MacDonald.

 Inbox #1 - April 16, 2018

As this is the first Inbox, the following questions have been created based off emails, social media comments/questions, and phone calls received by Town staff. This is why there are no names attached to the questions. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information. 


Twelve seems like a high number of Sunshine-listers for Pelham’s population, how does it compare to other municipalities?

Yes, the Sunshine List bring lots of life to the discussion of a public servant’s wages. This year, 12 Pelham employees were on the list, which ranks the Town 7th amongst Niagara’s 12 municipalities. Thorold (18,801), Niagara-on-the-Lake (17,511), and Port Colborne (18,306) are similar in population, if that’s your comparable, having 18, 14 and 11 respectively. So if you read that Pelham (17,110) is punching above its weight in Niagara, it would be worth a closer look at the full list (which you can find here:, as it seems to be fairly comparable to municipalities of similar population.


Why did the director of human resources resign? I’ve heard rumours of a toxic work environment.

Quite simply, it was on to the next chapter. The idea of a toxic work environment, as far as I can tell, stems from a quote from an unnamed source to the newspaper. Don’t forget, people change jobs all the time, and for a variety of reasons: to be closer to family, financial reasons (anyone else do the cost benefit analysis of a parent staying home vs. daycare? I know I have), advancement opportunities (sometimes our path is blocked where we are), or a dream job is within reach. Whatever the reason, does it really matter in the end? We wish Paula Gilbert the best of luck in her new role. She’ll be missed in the Pelham family.


Does Supper Market start soon?

If it brought the warm weather tomorrow, I would lobby for it to start immediately. However, this year the Farmers’ Market starts May 3, Supper Market June 7, and Bandshell June 21. Word about the Supper Market’s Festivals and Events Ontario Award for Best Greening Event under $100K has spread and many people are hungry for this season’s Thursday Night Experience. Visit: for more information.


Has the Town stopped sending out news releases?

Absolutely not. We want to share our news and information as broadly as possible, not limit it! That said, there was a tiny change in the manner the releases were sent out. Instead of a news release being emailed from a Pelham staff email account, they are now being sent from the website. When a news release is uploaded to the website, the people who have subscribed receive it. Notice was given of this change. By visiting, you can choose what kind of information you’d like to receive: news releases, public notices, Inbox updates, etc. Subsequently, when you no longer wish to receive it, you can simply unsubscribe. Though the methods of sharing information may differ across municipalities, we all share as much as we can with our residents and the media.


I smell marijuana odour from a nearby facility, who do I contact?

A great question on a topic that is still a little new to most of us. Pelham has several federally licensed facilities, falling under the jurisdiction of Health Canada. If you would like to lodge a complaint, you can do so by writing to cmc@hc-sc.gc.caYou may also follow up via telephone at 1-866-337-7705. You’re also encouraged to reach out the Town’s bylaw services department: so complaints can be tracked.


When does the Community Centre open?

This is a question I hear more and more as the day gets closer. Substantial completion (or the time when the keys are handed over for Pelham staff to begin training in the facility) is on track for June 1. The build is still, as of today, on time and on budget. An exact date for an official opening has not yet been determined, but trust me, you’ll know when it is – we’ll be shouting from the rooftops!



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