Congratulations to 3rd Fonthill Scouting for winning this year's Garden Bed Competition!

Read the 2020 competition recap.

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Welcome to the Town of Pelham Community Garden Bed Competition

The Town of Pelham, with support from the Pelham Beautification Committee, is offering friends, families, and businesses the opportunity to compete for prizes while enhancing the beauty of the Town and creating a positive, socially-safe competition.

Council, acknowledging the free time many residents have due to stay-at-home orders by the province during the pandemic, and the decreased staff and service levels available by the Town, voted in favour on May 19, 2020, of the resolution to call on residents to support local growers and spruce up flower beds that would have otherwise gone unplanted this year. 

Ten garden beds are available for sponsorship; each bed is to be designed, planted, mulched, watered, weeded, and maintained throughout the summer by its respective team. The Town will water the beds once a week, on Wednesdays. There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount for sponsors to create their gardens.

To register, please email Marc MacDonald ( with a completed, signed wavier form, the name of your family, team, or business (feel free to include a high resolution logo to be placed on your community bed sign), and your preferred garden bed locations (please submit your top 3 choices).

Garden beds locations are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and planting can begin as soon as you're registered.

  1. Gardens must be planted with perennials and annuals 
  2. Gardens must be maintained (mulched, watered, weeded) throughout the duration of the summer season. The Town will water the beds every Wednesday morning. Additional watering must be completed by the entrant
  3. Entrants must maintain physical distancing while working on their garden beds
  4. Entrants are permitted to design beds with plants of their choosing; cannabis is prohibited
  5. Beds must be maintained throughout the season to be eligible for prizes
Judging Criteria

1. Curb appeal including

    -  colour scheme and attention to landscaping

2. Landscape maintenance including

    - annuals and perennials having healthy colour and foliage

    - appropriate deadheading or pruning

    - plants being kept at a pleasing size relative to the garden bed space

3. Landscape design principles and elements including

    - Unity and Harmony (achieved by repeating objects or elements that are alike. For example, a  
    repetition of shrubs or a colour scheme)

    - Balance (can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical)

    - Rhythm and Sequence (smooth blending of different elements to create a garden that is one unified

4. Elements of design including:

    - Line

    - Texture

    - Form

    - Colour


Garden Bed Locations

Each sponsored bed will have a sign signifying the sponsors, whether a business or an individual. Business are invited to submit a high resolution logo to be included on their sign.

Click the location to view the garden bed

  1. North Pelham Gateway Sign – (1-bed) Metler @ Cream 
  2. Centennial Park – Flag Pole – (1-bed) 
  3. Old Pelham Town Hall – (3-beds)
  4. Cherry Ridge Park - Park Sign (1-bed)
  5. Harold Black Park – Flag Pole (1-bed)
  6. Peace Park – Cenotaph (1-bed)
  7. Peace Park – Park Sign (1-bed)
  8. Town Hall – Rear Bed (North of Entrance door) 
  9. Town Hall Rear Bed (South of Entrance door)
  10. Town Hall Front Beds on both sides of the walkway
Safety and Physical Distancing Guidelines 

Flower bed teams:


DO NOT come to work on beds if you have any symptoms of a cold, flu, allergies, or others that could even be perceived as COVID-19. Please read the self-assessment sheet.

Strictly follow hygiene protocols and physical distancing as recommended by Health Canada. 


The following rules are how we are going to manage the work performed and reduce the risk of exposure:


  1. It is recommended that teams consist of people that are direct family members and limited to a maximum number of four persons. Physical distancing should be practiced at all times; if the team is comprised of non-family members then a maximum of three persons at one location at any time, and must keep two metres physical distancing at all times.
  2. Tools and equipment shall not be shared and only used by the same person; if the tool can be disinfected properly then the tool may be used by another person. 
  3. Hand hygiene shall be on site and readily available for use by all members of your team, either warm water and soap or a hand sanitizer.
  4. Unless a team member is a direct family member then each person should arrive in their own vehicles. 


  1. 3rd Fonthill Scouting: North Pelham Gateway Sign 
  2. Pelham Garden Club: Centennial Park – Flag Pole
  3. NAME: Old Pelham Town Hall 
  4. NAME: Cherry Ridge Park 
  5. NAME: Harold Black Park  
  6. NAME: Peace Park – Cenotaph 
  7. Meridian Fonthill: Peace Park – Park Sign 
  8. NAME: Town Hall – Rear Bed 
  9. NAME: Town Hall Rear Bed 
  10. Shawn Petlichkov and Daniel Kilmowicz: Town Hall Front Beds 
Prizes (in the form of gift certificates)

1st: $500

2nd: $350

3rd: $250

4th: $150

5th: $100




Printable Documents

Rules and Bed Locations

Safety and Physical Distancing Guidelines

Press Release

Waiver Form


COVID-19 Self Assessment



Click photos to enlarge

3rd Fonthill Scouting 54 points

north pelham sign garden bedThe winner of our competition won by one point over the talented Pelham Garden Club! The win is attributed to the use of colourful mums which are often perennial in Niagara's growing zone and the nice combination of perennial, annuals with consideration of plant layering and "movement". Congratulations to our winner!



Pelham Garden Club 53 poitns

centennial park garden bedThis close runner-up used spectacular colour combination, carefully considered design elements and incorporated interesting plants like Canna for visual appeal. It is clear this garden bed was planted and maintained by a group of dedicated and talented gardeners.


Meridian Credit Union 42 points

peace park garden bedOur third place winner used strong colours and maintained this bed nicely. The incorporation of a community "smile" rock in the design did not go unnoticed.


Shawn Petlichkov and Daniel Kilmowicz (sponsored by Lookout Point) 38 points 

town hall garden bedThis garden was nicely maintained and incorporated grasses for some movement.

Congratulations to those who participated and thank you for your time and effort in keeping Pelham beautiful.






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